3 Fun Ways To Get Your Kids Moving More

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By the age of two, my son was already able to do more leg lifts than I could. It may sound surprising, but playtime and activity are important. After all, being active is the natural impulse of children. As parents, our job is to make sure this activity continues into adolescence and beyond - and their health may depend on it. Childhood obesity rates are on the rise, according to new research. This can lead to various complications, such as high blood pressure.

Now here's the good news: Raising healthy kids isn't complicated or expensive. The key is to add more exercise to your routine. Not sure where to start? Here's how my wife and I made fitness a family affair.

1. Create a new routine
Every morning, my son and I go to a coffee shop a block away. A short walk can keep us on track and spend time together. On top of that, there is a small bonus: my dark roast and his steamed milk. Then we go back. In a word, he has about 1400 steps one way. This little task may seem trivial, but it gives us a positive start to the day. The best part? My kids can now take a walk as an adventure with a specific purpose. If your kids like to challenge themselves, consider getting them a bp smartwatch so they can track their steps and activity time. On-device celebrations and positive reinforcement provided by virtual badges help foster healthy habits, not work.

2. Encourage organized movement
My wife and I get our kids involved in everything from football and basketball to tap and ballet. We try to expose them to different activities so they can find a couple they like. Team sports and classes help kids get acquainted with the positive and energetic energy of a team, while getting their heart rate up and endorphins flowing. If you can't participate in organized sports or classes, try to limit screen time and play actively at home.

3. Teach them healthy foods
In our family, we don't believe in restricting food. Instead, we encourage kids to make healthy choices and treat snacks as an occasional splurge. Ice cream, pizza and cookies are all fair game as long as they are active and most of their food choices are healthy. We often go to the grocery store with our kids, let them choose their favorite fruits and vegetables, and make smoothies together. In this way, they can gradually understand the delicious taste of healthy food.