3 Ways to Eliminate Beer Belly

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The World Health Organization points out that a man with an abdominal circumference exceeding 90 cm and a woman with an abdominal circumference exceeding 85 cm is considered a beer belly. Beer belly is no longer a symbol of "blessing", but a health killer. "Beer belly" is also known as "abdominal obesity", commonly known as "apple obesity".

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1. Diet to reduce beer belly

Breakfast must be full and good. For lunch, it is recommended to eat only 70% full. For dinner, it is recommended to eat a small amount of starchy staple foods such as rice noodles, and eat more vegetables, eggs, fish and lean meat. Do not eat any staple food after eight o'clock, and you can drink a glass of milk or soy milk at night to relieve hunger. Usually drink plenty of water, dilute the food in time, create a feeling of fullness, and reduce the pressure on internal organs.

Eat more of these 4 types of food in your life: fish (one of the best meat proteins, with high nutritional value and low cholesterol), boiled water, green vegetables, and fruits. It is best to eat less of the following foods: high-calorie foods: chocolate, cake, cream, canned food; high-salt and high-oil foods: all kinds of fried chicken, barbecue, etc.; drink less carbonated drinks; alcohol: drink as little as possible, and limit alcohol consumption.


2. Exercise to reduce beer belly

The first effective exercise for reducing beer belly is aerobic exercise: jogging, brisk walking, cycling, and swimming are all good for reducing visceral fat. The other is resistance exercise: exercise that uses the body to resist external resistance, and the fat loss effect is more obvious: such as squats, dumbbells, push-ups, squats, and bent-over mountain running.

When standing normally, keep your body upright, slowly contract your abdominal muscles while exhaling, then inhale, relax your abdomen, and repeat this 10 times, which will help to exercise the strength of your abdominal and back muscles and reduce your belly.

Waiting for the bus, queuing, standing on tiptoe when you have nothing to do, stand on the ground with your feet together and lift your heels vigorously, then relax and fall down. Repeat twenty or thirty times, because when you are on tiptoe, your abdomen is in a tightened state. Especially don't sit down immediately after a meal. Walking for half an hour after a meal can effectively control the beer belly. Usually take less elevators, choose to walk up the stairs, and try not to sit for things that can be done standing up, and the beer belly will be significantly improved.


3. Sufficient sleep reduces beer belly

When sleep is insufficient, the hormones secreted by the human body that promote body growth are disrupted, and endocrine disorders affect metabolic functions. Therefore, controlling the beer belly should start with ensuring adequate sleep, at least 8 hours of sleep a day, do not stay up late at night, and fall asleep before 11 o'clock, so that hormones can be secreted more fully.

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