4 Classic Workout Moves For Strong Thighs

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Many people are afraid of exercising the leg muscles in fitness exercise, because it takes a long time to exercise the muscles here to see the results, many gymnasts don't have the patience to practice. And you have to suffer when you're working your leg muscles. It just feels so bad. It's not as good as working your arm muscles.

If you hold this view in fitness, you are wrong. We should not let ourselves be biased to a certain body muscle during exercise. If we want to make our body muscle exercise better, we should keep the integrity of exercise and exercise every part of the body in place, so that your body muscle can become more aesthetic.

So, it's not hard to build your leg muscles well, as long as you can find the right exercises. In this article I'm going to teach you how to improve the efficiency of your leg muscles.

Here are four classic exercises you should learn to make your legs more shapeless.

1. Barbell squats

First of all, I believe that many bodybuilders will not be unfamiliar with the first exercise, squat exercise can be very comprehensive for our leg muscles to shape, so that our exercise efficiency is greatly improved.

Of course, for squats to be effective, it has to be based on the fact that you're doing them right. A lot of people do squat exercise posture will have a lot of problems, especially the novice in the beginning to use this movement, it is always difficult to master the correct exercise posture.

When you squat, your knees are not forward. What you want to get is a feeling of tightness in your thighs as your thighs press back.

Keep the upper body upright. When the thighs squat to more than the distance parallel to the ground, pay attention to the amplitude of the movement to be in place.

2. Straight leg hard pull

This exercise focuses on your hamstrings. Of course, when practicing the buttocks and lower back will also get a certain stimulation effect, is a comprehensive strong exercise action.

You can exercise by holding a barbell in your hand, using dumbbells or a barbell piece. There are no special requirements for this machine, as long as you can make sure that your exercises are in place to get good results.

Hold onto the apparatus to stand up, then keep your legs locked, your upper body forward, and your back straight. Let your upper body lean forward almost parallel to the floor, then straighten up.

When exercising, pay attention to the amplitude of the movement in place, the weight as far as possible to the lowest, so that the muscles can receive the most comprehensive stimulation.

3. Leg lift

This exercise allows you to exercise your leg muscles in a comprehensive way. Compared to squats, it allows your lower back to bear no more weight. It is a very effective exercise for your legs.

Lie down on the leg lift machine and bend your knees as close to your chest as possible. The Angle should be in place so that the leg muscles can get a deep stimulation effect.

4. Sitting posture raise the heel

While practicing, sit on a stool and place the top of your feet on an object with your heels dangling. Then place some weight on your lap, either a barbell or a dumbbell.

Then do calf raises. The Angle of calf raises should be as high as possible, so that the calf muscles can receive the stimulation effect of exercise.

These four exercises are often used in leg exercises. As long as you can make these movements clear and understand the specific feeling in the exercise, you can easily start doing any leg exercises afterwards.

Therefore, we do not require you to learn a lot of exercise movements in exercise, as long as you can understand a few classic exercises, you can easily understand other exercise.

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