4 moves to exercise the whole body to create a tight figure

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On the way to lose fat, simply being thin is no longer the symbol of a good body shape. Instead, we want to have a tight and curvy body in the process of slimming down. Therefore, we always associate fat loss with shape shaping, so that we can have a good body shape while slimming down.

Therefore, in the choice of methods, diet control is no longer the only means. Although reasonable diet control is the premise for us to lose weight, it can't help us build a better body shape. So we always suggest people to exercise, although exercise is only an auxiliary means to make us slim down, but its role is not only manifested in the expansion of heat consumption, regular exercise will not only make our body become more healthy, reasonable exercise way choice will make our figure better.

There is no fixed answer to this question, because everyone has different exercise purposes. How to exercise and how to choose a suitable way of exercise should be determined according to each person's specific situation. However, for friends who want to shape up, it is better to choose strength training suitable for themselves in the choice of exercise methods. Because strength training can not only let us consume calories in the process of exercise and help to lose fat, but also help us to exercise muscle to shape, and strength training methods do not have to carry out weight, some self-weight training can also let us achieve the purpose, of course, the premise is to adhere to the law.

In the process of shaping, how to choose the strength training suitable for yourself should first be arranged according to your own shaping purpose and ability. If you have targeted shaping goal and relevant experience, we can focus on it. If you lack experience and the goal is not clear, you can achieve your own purpose through some basic systemic training.

Therefore, the following four self-weight training movements are shared. Through this group of movements, we can not only effectively burn fat and contribute to fat loss, but also help us exercise to the buttocks, legs, upper limbs, core and other parts, so that the whole body can get a relatively coordinated development. Of course, with the increase of their ability and relevant experience, Or should choose a more comprehensive action to carry out according to their own needs.

Step 1: Knee Lift (16-20 times)

  • Stand facing the steps and position yourself with your chest out and your stomach in, and your arms at your sides
  • Keeping your back straight, walk up the steps with one leg and stand up. Follow with the other leg and bring your knee forward to the top of the motion
  • After the body stands firm, fall back, and then change legs to complete the movement. During the movement, the arms naturally swing back and forth following the leg movement
  • Keep your back straight throughout the movement and control the direction of your knees so that they are in line with your toes

Step 2: Up-slope push Ups (15-20 reps)

  • Lean over the top of the step with your arms straight, your back straight, your core tight, and your legs straight behind you
  • Keep the body stable, keep the back straight, take the initiative to control the speed and slowly bend the elbow, so that the Angle between the big arm and the torso is less than 45 degrees
  • Until your chest almost touches the step, pause, then straighten your arms and lift yourself up
  • Focus on keeping your back straight throughout, and focus on keeping your elbows slightly bent as you return

Step 3: Bulgarian Squats (12-16 reps on both sides)

  • Stand with your back to the step and position yourself. Stand with one leg supporting you and lift the other leg back with your knees bent. Step on the step with your feet about shoulder width apart, back straight, core clenched, hands clenched to chest
  • Keep your body stable, keep your back straight, move your weight forward and squat down. Stand up until your front thigh is parallel to the floor
  • Keep your back straight and your body stable throughout the movement. Do not squat with your front knee above your toes and your back knee above your knees

Step 4: Support mountain run (30-45 seconds

  • Lean over and brace your arms on the edge of the step with your elbows slightly bent, your back straight, your core tightened, and your legs slightly apart and straight back so that your body is in a straight line from head to toe
  • Keep your body steady and don't rock from side to side. Run with alternating legs at a fast pace towards the front knee
  • Keep the rhythm even to keep the movement elastic, or slow it down and alternate knee lifts to better feel the contraction of your abdominal muscles

After a full warm-up, start training and ensure the quality of movements so that every movement is effective. Rest for about 30 seconds between movements, 4-5 sets each time, and try your best to complete each movement. Do not stop when you are tired after the whole training.

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