4 Moves To Get You Off To A Great Start

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When we first start to lose weight, we may think that a good body is thin and that when we lose weight, we will have a good body. But as you lose weight, you'll find problems. For example, even if you lose weight, some parts of the skin still accumulate a lot of fat, such as the buttocks, belly fat prone to lose weight will appear skin sagging phenomenon. So the purpose of losing weight is to make the body more beautiful, skin firmer.

If you want to change the quality of your body, you need to do some local training. For this, simple diet control and aerobic training will not meet our needs, so we need to do some strength training during or after our fat loss process to shape.

Why strength training? In fact, we often say that the fitness training is actually some strength training, through the exercise of a certain area, to strengthen the nearby muscles to make the body stronger. For example, hips and abdominals, strength training can help lift hips and slim legs. In the process of shaping, if you want to get a good figure, you can't shape the parts you are not satisfied with, but need to shape the whole body. This will make the whole body more beautiful and symmetrical.

Most of the girls who go on weight loss have little knowledge of body shaping, so today I recommend a few full-body plastic movements for you. After a while of training, you will not only have long legs and buttocks, but also a sexy "S" curve.

Move 1: Kneel push-up

This exercise focuses on the core muscles of the chest, arms and abdomen. Start by kneeling on the ground with your legs together and your upper body bent downward. Keep your hands straight on the floor. Hold your legs in a bent knee position, straighten your back and stretch your arms to perform push-ups. Do 15 sessions in one set.

Move 2: Prone row

This exercise focuses on the core muscles of your back and abdomen. First lie on the ground, chest out, head up, hands straight in front of you, feet crossed and lifted off the floor steady. Contract your abs and lift your shoulders off the floor while keeping your hands in a bent position and pulling them back. Repeat. Do 15 sessions in one set.

Move 3: Support the turn

This movement can not only exercise the abdominal core muscles, but also has a good stimulation effect on the shoulder core muscles, greatly strengthening the coordination and balance of the body. Start by bending over into a push-up position and supporting yourself on the floor with your arms straight. Then straighten your back so your body is in a straight line. Lift one arm and turn your body to one side, stay at the top for a second, then return to the other side. One set of exercises was performed 15 times on one side.

Move 4: Lie on your back and hold back

This action mainly exercises the muscles of the arm, which can effectively solve the phenomenon of arm relaxation. Start with your back to a tall object and your hands on the edge of the object with your legs straight out in front of you. Shrink your shoulders, then bend your arms to move your body down. At the lowest point, stay for a while before restoring. Do 15 sessions in one set.

Before this set of exercises, it is necessary to warm up adequately. It's best to do three sets, with 30 seconds of rest between sets to relax. Finally, it is important to remind everyone that neither fitness nor weight loss can be accomplished in a day. In addition to regular exercise and healthy eating habits, it is important to maintain a healthy sleep routine.

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