4 Strokes to Eliminate Shoulder Pain

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Sitting for a long time, coupled with maintaining the same posture for a long time, do you always feel that the muscles of the body are very stiff, or the shoulders and back are sore all over the body?

Proper stretching and muscle relaxation are general principles that cannot be ignored. This time, I would like to share with you 4 simple stretching exercises for relaxing muscles. Come and have a look!


Relaxation Method 1: open your hands

  • First of all, open your hands, and pay attention that the chest should be extended as far as possible towards the ceiling.
  • Use the scapula to exert force
  • Remember not to shrug your shoulders, exert force with your shoulder blades, and then retract your hands back to their original position.


Relaxation Method 2: Put your hands on your shoulders

  • Put your hands on top of your shoulders, and draw circles with your hand axes from below.
  • Draw a circle with a hand axis Viewed from the side, it is to receive the inside first, and then draw a circle outside.
  • When you look at your back from behind, you can see that the shoulder blades are working.


Relaxation Method 3: Raise your hands flat and parallel to your body

  • Put your hands down first, and then raise them to a position parallel to your body
  • Abdominal muscles and chest work hard to bring the body up
  • Rely on the strength of the abdominal muscles, and keep the chest exerted during the process, and then lift the whole body up. After lifting your hands up, remember to turn around and then go back down.

Relaxation Method 4: Feet shoulder-width apart

  • Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, your fingers clasped together, turned outwards, and stretched forward.
  • Fingers clasped and turned outwards
  • After the ten fingers of the hands are clasped and turned outwards, they extend from the top down.
  • Extend your hands toward your feet and then toward the ceiling
  • The hands are close to the body and down until they are stretched to the place where they almost touch the feet, and then the hands are extended close to the body to the direction of the ceiling.

The above exercises can relieve your shoulder and neck pain. However, we should also start from the source, that is, stop sitting for a long time. In this regard, BP Smartwatch can help you