4 Ways To Balance Family And Fitness

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In addition to knowing how to lay up and dunk, becoming an NBA professional basketball player requires time management and scheduling skills. Although practicing the craftsmanship is the most important, the family is also the most important. People always ask me how I can make time for my family, friends, and (of course) my dog ​​while still being a professional baseball player. These are the four tenants I rely on to help me stay balanced and live a fun and fulfilling life.

1. Family first
My family is my strongest support system. They know my role as an athlete, including most of the winter and spring trips. They are always there to cheer me up when the going gets tough and get involved in small actions (like helping at home) to big decisions that affect the business in my life.

My latest and greatest joy is being with my new family. My girlfriend and I recently welcomed a beautiful baby girl. Being a father is the greatest blessing. It's nice to have family around. My father, mother, siblings were always willing to lend a helping hand - whether I was at home or on the road. Their love and support have been key to my success and I am grateful that I have them.

2. Stay close to friends
My friends are my second family. They are always there for me to rely on and I always make sure to make time for them. They come to watch me play in different cities all season, and we travel every year to make memories. This year, we all went to Greece. These annual adventures help maintain our friendships and strong bonds.

When we can't hang out in person, technology makes it easy to stay connected. Group chats help us communicate at a distance, and video game conversations help us keep things fun. Now, the step challenge is part of our bonding time. Earlier this year, I gave the bpdoctor smartwatch to a few good friends. Now, exercise with data. Everyone's goal is to walk a few more steps a day. To increase friendly competition, we give in to the person with the least number of concessions to go for a run, do a push-up, or go out and buy everyone lunch next time.

3. Make time to hone your talents
Playing basketball has always been a very important part of my life and the opportunity to play in the NBA made my dream come true. Still, I want to make sure I have time to master my skills on the court and spend valuable time off the court. Because I got my basketball schedule ahead of time, I was able to organize myself and take regular action. By doing this, I have the flexibility to balance my athletic training with my daily routine, which I am very grateful for.

4. Prioritize pets
As you probably know, I am a proud dog owner of two great puppies Casey and Rocky. When it comes to my dogs, I make sure to always make time for them. When I get home from training, the first thing I do is play and walk with them. It helps lift my spirits and allows me to take extra steps. As people say, dogs are man's best friend!