4 Ways to Regulate Anxiety

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With the development of society, many people are suffering from increasing social pressure, which leads to a gradual decrease in their psychological endurance. Faced with various pressures and negative energies in their lives and work, they will not be distracted, which will easily cause irritability, etc. Phenomenon.

Irritability has become a part of many people's lives, and some people even call this situation "habitual irritability". In fact, irritability is a normal emotional reaction. If it happens occasionally, there is no need to worry too much, but if it happens every day, it will inevitably affect work. In this case, if everyone does not adjust their psychology in time, it will be easy to cause various emotional fluctuations and mental depression. In order to help everyone better carry out psychological self-regulation, the following 4 self-regulation methods are introduced for you.

1. Psychological suggestion method:

Suggestion is a psychological phenomenon, which can be divided into positive suggestion and negative suggestion. When you are in a bad mood, if you take negative hints to yourself, it will only make things worse and make you more irritable. At this time, you should take positive hints to yourself, telling yourself that this is a normal phenomenon, and the dark clouds will always clear up. At the same time, recalling some beautiful scenes and proud things you have experienced before can relieve your psychological pressure.


2. Target transfer method:

If you feel irritable because of something or someone, and you can't concentrate, don't force yourself. The most important thing to do at this time is to relax and do something to pass the time without consuming your brain. You might as well listen to music or watch TV. Only when your mood is relieved and relaxed can you have the energy to do what you should and want to do.


3. Idea exchange method:

Psychological research shows that everyone has the desire and need to communicate with others. Some people don't want others to know what's on their minds, whether it's joy or sadness, and they don't want to express their psychological feelings. This will not only be of no help in solving the problem, but will also aggravate their irritability. mental disorder. The correct approach should be to find a close friend to pour out the bitterness and express your true psychological feelings. After that, you can often feel that the irritability in your heart can be eliminated.


4. Exercise release method:

If the first three methods are "spiritual therapy", then this one is "substance therapy". The purpose of eliminating irritability is achieved by consuming physical energy. When you feel irritable, you might as well go to the playground to run a few laps, play a game of ball, sweat all over, and your mood will naturally be relaxed.

You can carry out psychological self-regulation according to the above articles, and choose a way that suits you to effectively relieve psychological pressure. At the right time, you can also talk to friends or travel and choose a suitable exercise method, which is also an effective way to relieve psychological pressure.

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