5 Benefits of Stretching Every Day

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Do not know when to start, everyone is becoming more and more busy, the fast pace of life, virtually make us become more and more busy. Most office workers, are a sitting is a whole day, little exercise, so often appear back pain phenomenon.

This time can be completely through the action of stretching, to relieve the feeling of backache. We often say that one inch longer tendons prolong life by ten years. When tendons and bones become stronger, the natural body's immunity will also be strengthened, thus achieving the effect of prolonging life.

Although it may be an exaggeration to say so, stretching has a number of benefits for our bodies.

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What benefit does often pull string have to the body?

Dredge channels and collaterals

There is a medical opinion that the human leg is six meridians, if usually adhere to the stretching exercise, can help to expel toxins and garbage in the body, so as to play a strong effect.

Prevent back and leg pain

Because many people often sit for a long time or stand for a long time, as well as improper living habits, will lead to the body of the phenomenon of backache. Regular reinforcement can help restore the dislocation of the human cervical spine, so as to alleviate the purpose of waist acid and leg pain. Do the right stretching action, you can set the bone, cervical spine, but also alleviate some discomfort.

Lose weight and slim down

Usually do more stretching action, can also help thin legs, thin hips and thin waist effect, and can also strengthen women's kidney Qi, supplement qi and blood, beauty and beauty. So whether it's men or women, stretching is good for the body. Proper stretching can also relax the body and relieve the feeling of stiffness.

Boost metabolism

Stretching on a regular basis not only unclogs blood vessels and stretches the body, but also helps to speed up metabolism and relieve fatigue. Stretching for a long time can also make the body slimmer and more symmetrical, increase muscle elasticity and reduce the production of edema.

Enhanced renal function

Now many office workers, often sitting for a long time, will lead to bladder blockage or meridians blocked, often pull tendons, can dredge meridians, so as to achieve the purpose of strengthening kidney function. In addition, it can effectively regulate the spleen and stomach and treat presbyopia.

Although stretching has many benefits, it is necessary to pay attention to some details so as not to cause unnecessary damage to the body.

Notes on Lacing

First of all, we should pay attention not to pull in the case of very tired, in this case, the body and mind are already very tired, if you do stretching action, may lead to more fatigue, serious may also lead to convulsions.

Second, if the body feels stiff, then this is the time to stop the exercise. Many people feel that their body is not soft enough, so they want to stretch their body quickly, but pushing too hard can lead to ligament damage. Therefore, in the process of stretching, if you feel severe pain, then you should stop in time and do not continue.

Finally, after eating a meal, you should wait for some time before stretching. If you stretch just after eating, it will affect the digestion of food.

Stretching is a good way to exercise, stretching should pay attention to step by step. The first time to pull the string, should start a small range of stretching, and then slowly increase the action, so as to avoid muscle strain, ligament damage. It is good for the body to dredge the meridians, prevent back and leg pain, lose weight, promote metabolism, enhance kidney function and so on. But we should also pay attention to the ability to do more, in order to avoid physical damage.

Want to maintain a healthy body, not only through stretching, but also to develop a good diet and lifestyle habits. Usually light diet, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, eat less greasy, spicy food; Regular work and rest, avoid staying up late, ensure adequate sleep; More exercise, not only stretching, but also running, jogging, taijiquan, walking, etc., are beneficial to the body fitness. Exercise more, can harvest a healthy body.

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