5 Easy Office Meditation Exercises

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Many people are joining the "meditation" group. Meditation has its roots in ancient Buddhism, and companies are starting to recognize the physical and mental benefits of meditation. Recent studies have shown that daily meditation can reduce the production of the stress hormone cortisone and reduce feelings of anxiety and fatigue. Therefore, trying to do a few simple meditation exercises every day can help you achieve an effective life/work balance.

You don't need a special tool to perform these exercises, you can even try them on your commute or at your desk. Here are five quick meditation exercises that you can easily incorporate into your daily routine.

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One-minute meditation

Close your eyes and breathe slowly and deeply. Focus on the rise and fall of your chest and don't think about anything else. If thoughts rush into your head, clear them as soon as you are aware of them and continue to focus on your breathing.

Meditative listening

It's easy to drift away in a conversation. When a co-worker is talking to you, stop thinking about your response for a moment, clear your mind, and really listen to what the co-worker is saying. Try not to think about your to-do list, your plans for the evening or past conversations, and simply live in the moment. Not only will this help you get more information out of the conversation, but it will also help improve your relationships in the workplace.

Observation game

Choose an object near you (such as a pencil, your computer or mouse, or even your tie) and focus on that object for one minute. Pretend you're meeting this person for the first time. Look closely at the shape, texture, workmanship, and so on. This will clear your mind and help you reacquaint yourself with the everyday objects around you.

Feel the moment

Choose an object that you use all the time -- say, that hot water bottle in your office kitchen -- and for one minute, make it the focus of your meditation. Imagine what it feels like, how it works, and why you want to use it. For example, think about how amazing it is that a hot kettle can bring water to a boil in just a few minutes. Think about how lucky you are to have clean, clear water at your fingertips and to be able to turn the kettle on whenever you want.

Relax in nature

You'll need to step away from your desk briefly during this exercise -- but you'll feel better for it. Take a walk alone to a nearby park while you grab coffee or lunch. If you can, leave your phone and other electronic devices at the office and use the time to listen carefully to the sounds of nature around you. This is an extremely helpful exercise for your body and mind. Not only do you get exercise from moving around, but you also get to breathe the fresh air outside.

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