5 Most Effective Exercise To Built Your Abdominal Muscle

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There are many exercises that work your abs. The most recommended exercises are the suspension and sitting leg lifts, which work both the upper and lower abdominals. In addition, bench press chair belly roll, leg lift and full stick pose are all effective exercises to strengthen abdominal muscles. Here are five representative exercises that will help shape your abs.

Suspensions are recommended for those who want to build strong abs in a short period of time. The exercise of lifting your legs strongly stimulates your abs. The more you stimulate your abs, the more muscle you gain. The sitting leg lift is done in a bench press chair and strengthens your abs without causing lower back pain. The act of sitting in a bench press chair, propping your arms back and lifting your legs stimulates both your upper and lower abdomen. In addition, bench press belly rolls, leg lifts, and full stick pose are all exercises that can effectively train your abs.

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Hanging Leg Raise 20 times x 5 sets

Hold the bar slightly wider than shoulder width. The higher you lift your legs, the more you stimulate the upper abdomen. One of the most important things to do when lifting your legs is to keep your body from rocking back and forth. Raise your legs with core force and upper body fixed, then lower them slowly. If you put it down too fast, your body will shake.

If your lower back hurts, your core can't work because your legs are down too fast, causing your body to wobble. If your body wobbles even if you lower your legs slowly, practice letting them touch the floor a little before lifting them up. People who are not tall enough can use step pedals.

By lifting your feet up and down with your knees slightly bent, you'll be able to move more smoothly with less range of motion. Beginners who cannot lift their legs can bend their knees and instead curl them up, lifting them towards their shoulders. Breathing during exercise is also important. Just exhaling while lifting your knees can cause your muscles to contract strongly.

Seated leg lift Seated Knee-up 20 times x 5 sets

Sitting in a bench press chair with arms propped back and legs raised stimulates both the upper and lower abdominal muscles. If you hold your back too straight during this maneuver, you may push your back harder, which can cause pain. Focus on lifting your legs with your upper body bent forward and your abdomen contracted to strengthen your upper and lower abdominal muscles and avoid lower back pain.

The more bent the knee, the easier the action, the weaker the effect; Conversely, the straighter the knee, the more force it exerts on the abdomen. If your arms are too close to your body, your range of motion will decrease, so try to position your arms a little further back so that your upper body can lie back slightly to increase your range of motion and use more strength in your abs. To increase the intensity of your exercise, try alternating your feet up. Please exhale as you lift your feet and inhale as you lower them to really contract your abs.

Bench Crunch Bench Crunch 20 x 5 sets

If your neck hurts when you do a roll, it's because your abdomen isn't really exerting itself. Please relax on the ground and put your feet on the bench chair. Use a bench press chair to stimulate the upper and even mid-abdomen equally. In this position, lift your upper body toward your knees to about 45 degrees. Make sure your abdominal muscles are not curled up, and that your upper and mid-abdomen are not stimulated.
When lifting the upper body, you should think that the middle abdomen is in power to naturally stimulate the upper abdomen. Lower your upper body slowly and do not release the tight belly so that the muscles can achieve centrifugal contractions (muscles that continue to exert themselves as they elongate).

Lie on your back Leg Raise 20 times x 5 sets

The most common mistake people make when they do supine leg lifting is to only pay attention to the foot moving up and down, but not to use the strength of the abdomen. Doing this is only a full reps and does not stimulate the abdominal muscles. So how do you stimulate your abdominal muscles properly? When lying on the floor, focus on keeping your back and stomach close to the floor, and be careful not to let your waist off the floor.

When beginners lift their thighs, they can bend their knees slightly, because the straighter the knee is extended, the stronger the load will be. Wait until you are used to it and then slowly let your knees straighten. Don't lower your thighs so low that your waist doesn't empty. Focus on feeling the effort of your thighs, pelvis, and lower abdomen. When you lower the thigh, you should continue to exert yourself and consciously lower it slowly to achieve centrifugal contraction.

Full stick Plank 20 strokes x 5 sets

Please lean on your elbows while lying on your stomach. Your elbows should be directly below your shoulders. At this time the hands and arms do not show a straight line, to a triangle is easy to support.

Push your pelvis forward so that your waist and buttocks are in line to feel your abs and core working. If your hips are higher than your waist, your waist will bear all the weight, and instead of doing core exercises, you're just doing waist exercises. Keep your shoulder blades closed, look down, and don't arch or sink your back.

Unlike belly curls and leg raises, the full stick pose doesn't contract or extend your muscles, but it's great for building stamina. In other words, the stronger the core, the more stable the balance and muscle strength of the body, the more likely it is to reduce the risk of ligament and joint injury.

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