5 Stunning Cycling Routes

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Cycling is a spiritual journey. In the ride, you will discover the beauty of the earth. So what routes are suitable for cycling?

1. Col de la Croix de Fer

Location: Isère, France

Features: road climbing

Mileage: 32 kilometers

Introduction: There are too many famous climbs in the Tour de France, the Galibier Pass has too many tunnels, the Ventux Mountain is too remote, and the famous Alpe d'Ier is overrated. I prefer this climbing route of the Iron Cross Mountain. It is next to the French Alps, near Le Bourget-Doisan. It is 32 kilometers long and climbs about 1,500 meters. In my opinion, it has the most beautiful scenery in France.


2. The Whole Enchilada

Location: Moab, Utah, USA

Features: off-road, singletrack

Mileage: 56 kilometers

Introduction: This monorail line is 56 kilometers long, and there is also a vertical drop of 2,500 meters. There are many starting points to access this route, but the full route begins high in the LaSalle Mountains as you pass through three completely different ecological environments before ending next to the Colorado River just 10 kilometers from the city center. The views here are stunning, the descent is fast and well-directed. If you've ridden technical trails before, you know that just going downhill still requires a lot of energy to maneuver the bike. In addition to the descent, several hundred meters of ascent await you.


3. Rebecca’s Private Idaho

Location: Ketchum, Idaho, USA

Features: Gravel roads, races

Mileage: 32, 96 or 160 km

Introduction: Ketchum is known for its countless fast singletrack lines. At the same time, its gravel road circuit is also very famous. Since this is Idaho, roads are scarce. You can plan a lot of routes here. If you want to take your journey a little deeper, you can take the Rebecca Rusch Enduro, also known as the "Queen of Pain". You can choose routes with different mileage, or you can team up with others. But it’s best not to come in summer. Ketchum’s midsummer means a high temperature of more than 30 degrees, and you will feel extremely stuffy.


4. Vuelta al Cotopaxi

Location: Cotopaxi Volcano, Ecuador

Features: mountain cross-country, single track, race

Mileage: 145 kilometers

Introduction: The Vuelta al Cotopaxi is one of the toughest mountain bike races on the planet, with you climbing 1,200 meters on a mixed terrain. While it's about the same length as the Leadville Trail 100 race, it's too difficult for most to safely complete in a day and requires camping near the summit. It sounds pretty tough, but there are 250 two-man teams every year. The trails around Cotopaxi are also great places to cycle if you don't want to race.


5. Vermont Gran Fondo, aka the Gaps

Location: Waitsfield & Warren, Vermont, USA

Features: road, racing

Mileage: 160 kilometers

Introduction: You can set out on any summer day and try to complete these six "gap". You can also sign up for the Gryffindor Cycle. Organizers change the route every year, but there are usually 160 kilometers of mileage and 3,000 meters of climbing. The state's lush countryside and ample logistical support are so attractive that many out-of-town cyclists flock every year.

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