5 Things You Can't Do Right After Exercise

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After exercising, I always drink water first, take a rest, or take a bath, but did you know that doing some things immediately after exercising will affect your health? Let me tell you today, what are the 5 things to do after exercising that are easy to hurt your body!

(1) Take a hot bath immediately → cause heart problems

After exercising, the blood flow in the body is relatively fast at this time, and the heartbeat has not calmed down. At this time, take a hot bath immediately to increase the blood flow rate of the muscles and skin again, which will easily cause insufficient oxygen supply to other organs, resulting in hypoxia in the brain. In severe cases, there may be a heart attack, so don't take it lightly!

Improvement method: take a hot bath after the heartbeat is stable


(2) Take a rest immediately → let the brain ischemia

After strenuous activity, immediate rest, whether standing or sitting, will cause the rhythmic contraction of the muscles to stop. Blood cannot flow back to the heart through muscle contraction, which lowers blood pressure and causes temporary brain ischemia, resulting in dizziness, pale face, shock and coma. Therefore, it is recommended that some low-intensity activities should be performed after exercise to promote the return of blood from the extremities to the heart and restore normal oxygen supply.

Ways to improve: walk slowly after exercise, step slowly in situ, and take a deep breath


(3) Drink ice water to cool down → affect gastrointestinal problems

After exercising, the whole body becomes hot. When the digestive function is low, many people will drink ice water to quench their thirst and cool down, but it can easily cause stomach cramps, diarrhea, and abdominal pain. Therefore, it is less harmful to the body to take a moderate dynamic rest, wait for the heartbeat and breathing to be slow and stable, and let the body naturally regulate its body temperature.

Improvement method: drink cold water at room temperature


(4) Drinking alcohol → causing harm to liver and kidney

Exercise and exercise with friends in the evening, and go to the restaurant for dinner immediately after the end. Occasionally, you will have some small drinks, but be careful, drinking alcoholic beverages or alcohol not long after exercising will accelerate the entry of alcohol into the blood and affect the muscles. Repair and growth, and the damage to the liver and kidney will be more serious than usual.

Ways to improve: Do not drink alcohol within one hour after exercising


(5) Drink plenty of water → easy to cause muscle cramps

Many people sweat a lot after exercising, so they drink water desperately, which will reduce the body's salt concentration, which can easily lead to symptoms such as muscle cramps, headaches, and vomiting

After exercising, you should drink a small amount of water. The way of replenishing water several times will not dilute the concentration of salt.

Improvement method: take a small amount of multiple replenishment methods

These habits after exercise are not only harmful to the body, but may also reduce the effect of losing weight and increasing muscle. Everyone should pay more attention to avoid doing these things after exercise, and quickly correct it! If you don't have a smart watch to help you monitor your exercise, do you think something is missing?