6 Correct Ways to Lose Weight by Jumping Rope

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You can lose weight by jumping rope, and it's a pretty good way to lose weight. Weight loss is fat reduction, exercise weight loss effect is not fast, but very scientific, will burn a lot of fat, and will not rebound.

Skipping can lose weight, skipping weight loss effect is good, in addition to full exercise to the lower extremities, but also can let the arm and shoulder get good practice, is a simple but can coordinate the whole body exercise method to lose weight.

Skip rope the right way to lose weight

1. Jump and land with the ball of the front foot, remember not to land with the whole foot or heel, so as to avoid brain shock, when jumping in the air, do not bend the body too much, and become a natural bending posture. When jumping, breathe naturally and rhythmically.

2. Hold the handles at both ends of the rope with both hands respectively. Usually, step on the middle of the rope with one foot, bend the elbows with both arms and lift the forearm flat.

3. When rocking forward, the big arms should be close to the sides of the body, the elbows should be slightly extended, the upper arms should be approximately horizontal, and the wrists should be used to make the hands draw circles on the side of the body.

4. To practice step by step, the speed and length of rope jumping should be determined according to the individual situation. Start with 5-10 minutes of exercise, then gradually increase the time.

5 jump rope time, generally not subject to any restrictions, but to avoid causing physical discomfort, before and after meals within half an hour do not jump rope. And don't drink a lot of water before jumping rope.

6. Do not stop immediately after skipping. You should continue to skip or walk at a relatively slow speed for a period of time, so that the blood circulation can be restored to normal before you can stop. Then remember to do some stretching and toning down to really finish.

Precautions to prevent jumping rope injury

The first is the choice of site and tools. Although jumping rope is not limited by time and space, it is necessary to pay attention to the choice of venue. Rope field as far as possible to choose moderate soft and hard lawn, wood floor and soil field is better, do not jump rope in hard cement ground, so as not to damage the joints, and easy to cause dizziness.

Secondly, rope jumpers should wear soft, lightweight high-top shoes to avoid ankle injury.

Again in the choice of rope, should choose soft hard, moderate thickness of the rope. Beginners should use hard rope, skilled can change to soft rope.

Finally, do a good job of warm-up exercises to relax muscles and joints and prevent sprains. In addition, obese and middle-aged women should choose to jump rope with both feet, so as not to sprain.

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