6 Don 'ts for Fall Sports

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More people like to exercise in the cool autumn than in the hot summer. But autumn people's metabolism will slow down, and joints and ligaments are not as flexible as summer, easy to be injured in sports. There has compiled a list of autumn sports tips for people.

1. Warm up well

Human muscles and ligaments will reflexively cause vasoconstriction and increased viscosity under the condition of low temperature in autumn, while the range of motion of joints and ligament extension will be reduced, which will increase the risk of injury in autumn sports. Therefore, before exercise, be sure to do a good warm-up exercise, in the muscles into the state of exercise before starting to exercise.

2. Pay attention to water

Autumn is cooler than summer, and people sweat less after exercise. However, autumn is dry, skin water loss becomes more, coupled with the exercise itself sweat, autumn sports hydration can not be less. Drink about 500 milliliters of plain water 2 hours before exercise to improve the body's heat regulation ability, give adequate time for kidney metabolism, and adjust body fluid balance and osmotic pressure to the best state. After that, you should also hydrate yourself during exercise to prevent dehydration. The main thing to pay attention to is that you should not drink water immediately after exercise. Generally, you can drink water only after 5 to 15 minutes, and do not drink too much at once. Drink slowly.

3. Exercise should not be too intense

Due to the reduction of the range of movement of the joint in autumn, and the weakening of flexibility, so it is not suitable to do strenuous exercise. Anaerobic exercise and some high intensity strength training are easy to cause physical discomfort, so it is recommended to focus on endurance aerobic exercise in the fall.

4. Do more outdoor exercise

Autumn weather is cool, the air is good, compared to indoor sports, such as mountain climbing, cycling, running and other outdoor sports are more fun. These outdoor cardio exercises will not only help you lose fat, but also relax your mood and increase your productivity.

5, Fasting is not suitable for morning exercise

Exercise takes energy, but when you wake up in the morning, your body doesn't have much stored energy, so you need to eat. If you do not eat in time and exercise on an empty stomach for a long time, it will cause insufficient glycogen storage in the liver, massive consumption of blood sugar, leading to hypoglycemia, and then may appear dizziness, palpitation and dark eyes and other symptoms.

6. Diet should be controlled after exercise

It is common for people to feel hungry after exercise, but if they fail to restrain themselves and eat a large amount of food, all efforts will be wasted. But if you really want to eat, you can choose fruits or vegetables.


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