6 Habits Most Likely to Cause Memory Loss

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Have you ever had such a thing, one second thought about what to do, the next second suddenly forgot, this is very frustrating, and some people have a bad memory at a young age, in fact, this It is the reason why our memory declines step by step. So what are some things in life that can cause memory loss?

Six Habits That Cause Memory Loss

Many of us blame memory loss on aging, but according to the latest research, the real cause of memory loss is some bad habits we usually develop.


1. Eating Too Much Junk Food

Eating too much junk food won't make you fat, but it will definitely make your memory worse, at least in mice, according to new research from Australia.

Experts claim that after feeding rats with high-calorie and high-fat food, the "hippocampus" (the area of the brain related to language learning and memory and emotion) will become inflamed, and because of the inflammation of the hippocampus, Rats forget the path and direction they have traveled. Therefore, overeating is also the culprit leading to memory loss.


2. Focus too much on one thing

If we are always very worried about one thing, such as taking a test or interview, then we will short-circuit our minds and forget to send letters and important appointments. BP Smartwatch has a smart reminder function, which records all to-do items on the watch, which will make your formation arrangements more planned.


3. Excessive drinking

Alcoholics experience memory loss up to six years earlier than moderate drinkers, according to research published by the University of London. Not only that, but short-term binge drinking can also make your memory worse.


4. Excessive use of social software

Using social software for a long time, replying emails and text messages, and browsing the web will make the brain continuously receive information, but there is no buffer period to process the information. Such a behavior is also one of the causes of memory loss.


5. Lack of sleep

According to a newly released data from the United States, long-term lack of sleep can cause brain cell death. In one experiment with mice, 25 percent of their brain cells died when they lost four to five hours of sleep a night. The study also claims weekend "catch-up sleep" won't repair the damage, and prolonged sleep deprivation can increase the risk of Alzheimer's disease.
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6. Smoking or severe blows to the head

The harm of smoking is not only to our lungs and airways, but sometimes our brains are undersupplied, which will damage our memory. Foreign studies have found that the memory decline of those who have suffered head injuries is significantly faster than that of normal people. Therefore, severe impacts on the head will also cause memory and thinking abilities to decline.

Some inadvertent small habits in life may cause certain damage to our memory. If you have the above bad habits, be sure to correct them in time!