6 Moves: Have Strong Arms and Shoulders

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Can't lift heavy objects? Do you often feel that your upper body strength is weak? May wish to try the following actions.

1. Dumbbell Curl

Dumbbell curls are a classic action for upper body training, and can exercise the inner upper arm in a simple and convenient way. All you need is a pair of dumbbells (weight that can be carried by one arm), or a barbell (weight that can be carried by both arms), or Other similar things like a bag of weights and so on.

  • Standing, hold the weight on the waist or the front of the thigh, palms forward, elbows fixed on the sides of the body and do not move, lift the weight to the chest or neck, then immediately put the weight back on the same route, repeat action. Note that the whole movement should not be too fast, but smooth and smooth.
  • In order to achieve the best results, you may wish to perform 3-4 sets of exercises, each set of 10-15 repetitions, with a short rest between sets (for beginners, 90 seconds is not too much).


2. Triceps Stretch

Although biceps exercises are the first choice for many people who want to improve their athletic level, there is actually a lot of evidence that the triceps are the more important and more active muscle group. Once trained, it will make you visually And feel better. The triceps stretch is the best exercise to work the triceps, and it can be done with a dumbbell or other weight.

  • Standing, hold the weight behind the head, bend the elbows to 90 degrees, slowly lift the weight above the head, then return to the starting position, repeat the movement, and feel the stretch in the triceps.


3. Shoulder push

A well-coordinated and powerful deltoid muscle (shoulder) not only looks stylish, but also avoids physical damage when lifting heavy objects every day. If you want to exercise your shoulders, you might as well try shoulder push. This action is not only effective, but also It's very simple, and the principle of lifting a weight over your head is the same as usual, as long as you have dumbbells or barbells, or any suitable weights around you, you can do it.

  • Standing or sitting, keep your back straight, lift the weight, make the weight balance on both sides of the shoulders consistent, mobilize the shoulder muscles to push the weight over the head, pay attention to the smoothness and stability of the movement, and then slowly lower the weight Return to the starting position and repeat the movement.


4. Forearm training

While the biceps, triceps, and deltoids are the most noticeable of the complete arm group, you can also benefit from forearm training. A strong forearm will improve your grip and make rock climbing easier. Pull-ups, pull-ups, and everything else that requires grip strength just got easier. In addition, for a strong and stylish body, the coordinated and strong forearm muscles are undoubtedly the most "eye-catching". For a forearm workout, try reverse-grip wrist curls, which can be done with a pair of dumbbells, a barbell, or other weight.

  • Stand or sit on a chair, hold the weight with the palms of both hands facing forward, place the weight in front of the body, then curl the wrist upwards, keep the arm still, exert force with the wrist alone, and roll the weight up as much as possible by squeezing the forearm muscles, Then lower slowly and repeat.


5. Pull up

What moves work the biceps, forearms, shoulders (and of course the lats, as we'll see below) at the same time? The answer must be pull up. As the name suggests, this action is to hang your arms on the bar, and lift your body up to the height where your chin can touch the bar. This action is not difficult to understand, but it is difficult to actually do it. For many people—— Especially women, due to the lack of upper body strength, it is difficult to do it successfully, so before touching this action, it is recommended to do other exercises first.

  • Find a horizontal fitness bar that is strong enough to support your weight. Hold the bar with your palms facing you, with your hands slightly narrower than shoulder width apart. Don't shake and twist your body. Put your chin Raise to the top of the horizontal bar, then slowly lower it, and repeat the action.
  • This action is much more difficult than all the actions mentioned before, so there is no need to complete a set of 10-15 times as soon as you come up, as long as you do your best, it doesn't matter even if you can only do a few.


6. Over-pressing

Stand with your back straight. Grab the dumbbells, keeping your hands by your shoulders. Forearms are perpendicular to the floor. Keep the dumbbells at collarbone height. Lift the dumbbells up overhead, straightening your elbows. Then lower the arms to the starting position.

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