6 Ways to Make Your Walk Interesting

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When it comes to fitness, walking is the most important thing. According to the Mayo Clinic, just taking one step at a time and adding a little energy to your steps can help maintain a healthy weight, strengthen bones and muscles, improve balance and coordination, and even aid in control Heart disease, high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes. Monitor your blood pressure changes with the bp smartwatch. If the physical benefits aren't enough to get you up and running, "feel-good chemicals" will provide an emotional boost, while increased blood flow to the brain will stimulate the brain. The only question? Walking gets old.

Walking the same road every morning, constantly passing the same tree on the trail, or (worse) running into that nosy neighbor every time you go out, will get old. But you don't have to let monotony ruin your walk. Reach your aggressive minute goals while enjoying these fresh tips.

Keep listening.
Don't use the same walk/run combination, unplug it and adjust to your surroundings. How many different sounds can you hear on your usual route?

Enjoy a visual feast
Think of your walk as an adventure that takes you away from everyday life. Familiarize yourself with visual beauty that is easily overlooked. See how many different birds or flowers you spot on your usual path. What shapes can you find in clouds today?

learn a new language
Turn your walk into an educational course. Listen to language podcasts for 20 minutes each time you go out, then use the rest of your walking time to practice what you've learned.

be a cultural anthropologist
365 days a year, be a surveyor around you. Take a photo each day of your favorite tree or landscape and create a catalog documenting the beauty of nature's four seasons and your dedication to staying on track.

night adventure
Take an evening hike to add variety to your cardio. Not only will you meet other wave riders, you'll also have a naturalist to guide you around selected areas as you use your senses to focus on the nature around you. Who knows, being shrouded in darkness can even help you tune in to a greater degree.

Make the most of the mile.
Draw a mile radius around your home, pack a backpack, and do whatever errands fit the circle. You might be surprised how much you can accomplish on foot.

Continue the winning streak
Challenge yourself to see how long you can maintain your daily walking habit. First try walking 30 minutes a day for a week, then two weeks, then three weeks. Before you know it, you've achieved your goal of walking 30 minutes a day for 30 days in a row.