7 Reasons You Should Choose BP Doctor Watch PRO12 4.0

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There are 7 reasons why you should choose BP doctor watch PRO12 4.0.

1.Have qualitative feeling more artistic

Use toughened glass mirror, transparent wear-resisting. Daily friction knock against, not easy marks zinc alloy box, tie-in and comfortable back shell, light and strong, resistant to row from the table and wear-resisting, artistic have qualitative feeling more

2.Strong from the inside out Hale appearance demanding process

Overall modelling hale and hearty, contour, strength is dye-in-the-woodWatch body detail and the internal structure of the reinforcement design, both the strength and practicalMake strong from the inside out, can accompany you more durable

3.Key gasbag pressurized

Measured by accurateIs connected to the Internet to identify and translation.Strap gasbag pressurized when measuring blood pressure, 12 lines accurately capture blood pressure signals at a time

4.Softening silicone pressure airbags

Use more comfortable wearingAdopts adjustable silicone balloon, hit it off, can straighten bending free size, wear the wrist joint, comfortable and convenient.

5.Detachable balloon strap design

A comprehensive induction signalSmart timing measurement, don't have to worry about forget to measure blood pressureA key to the whole bag take measure blood pressure, simple and practical is a smart indeed

6.Blood pressure measurement, within easy reach

Contains two types of blood pressure measurement, quick measurement mode, without having to wear airbags, quick and easy; Precision measurement mode, wearing a balloon, more accurate measurement, ready to deal with the needs of different scenarios.

7.Wrist optical heart rate

Built-in optical heart rate sensor on the back shell, watch wearing fit closely wrist when 24 hours continuously monitor the heart rate, pay close attention to your heart rate changes, to offer you a whole day's heart rate data, protect your health life.

After reading these, if you feel excited about our products, come to buy our BP Doctor PRO 12 !