7 Tips On How To Make Your Legs Run Farther

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Generally speaking, most runners will sacrifice some training or habits that they think are unimportant in order to accumulate mileage; but most of them will face problems caused by knee, calf or ankle injuries, which makes them The body sends out the "stop running" signal, and these problems may prevent you from arranging long-distance running training for weeks or even months.

Therefore, in order to avoid such a situation, you can strengthen the muscle strength of your legs in daily training through the following simple techniques and steps, so that your body can avoid injuries during long-distance running.
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1. Get used to stretching before exercise

Do you forget to stretch your calves and quadriceps before running or competing? A simple stretch like this will help improve ankle and knee mobility before running. Fully performing stretching exercises before running can not only help increase the range of motion of the joints, but also prevent excessive joint load and pressure caused by running.

The stretching of the legs can be performed in a standing or kneeling position, and the quadriceps muscles can be activated by pressing the heels of the legs close to the buttocks. Each movement should be maintained for 60 seconds. Stretching does not need to be done to the point of muscle fatigue, otherwise you will not be able to face the next training.

2. Use motion rollers

There are many runners who see the presses of the exercise roller as a torture tool! But the press of an exercise roller is a tool that can help you run farther. The use of exercise rollers is a great way to release muscle fascia and soft tissues. If you only want to press on one area, you can press the muscles on the outside of your buttocks.

3. Choose the right footwear

The most important equipment for running are shoes and socks. But many people are easily attracted by the popular products in the store or the beautiful shoes when they buy; but you need to know how to choose a pair of running shoes that suit you. Many professional sporting goods stores now have running posture and foot arch analysis systems. You can choose the running shoes that suit you based on your running posture and foot fall points. In addition, you can also choose a pair of compression socks. A good pair of compression socks can reduce the irritation of the calf fascia when the foot hits the ground.

4. Enhance leg strength

Leg muscle strength and endurance are very important for long-distance runners! Strengthen the lower body muscles through the following leg training movements, such as: single-leg squats, barbell squats, dumbbell lunge squats, barbell side steps, etc., can effectively strengthen the legs and core strength. At the same time, high-res training is the most ideal way, and it is not necessary to use heavy loads for training, which will effectively strengthen muscle endurance. In addition, it is best to perform such training actions 3 to 4 times a week, and continue 6~8 weeks.

5. Perform the Romanian Deadlift

To make running easier and more enjoyable, you must train this invisible muscle. The hamstrings on the back of the thigh are the key to running performance, and because they are hidden in the back of the thigh, they are often neglected in training. The Romanian deadlift will strengthen the muscles on the back of the thighs, including the hamstrings, and make your leg muscles stronger and more durable.

6. Practice Crab Walking

Most people have forgotten how to exert force in the buttocks! This is a curse that belongs to the office crowd; but if you want to be an excellent runner, you must wake up your hip muscles, and of course this can also avoid most sports injuries. It is not difficult at all to wake up the hip muscles. You only need to tie an elastic band on your thighs or ankles, then bend your knees slightly and sit back on your hips. This action is a bit like squatting; and then walk sideways in small steps like a crab . During the training of this action, you will find that the buttocks muscles are greatly stimulated and grown like fire.

7. Arrange for moderate rest

The last tip, I believe everyone wants to hear the words "relax and rest"! There are many runners who have a crazy pursuit of accumulating mileage, thinking that the more distance they accumulate in practice running, the better their performance will be. In fact, this idea is wrong. Running is a sport that will bring great pressure and impact to the joints of the lower body, especially the street running that everyone has been crazy about in recent years; therefore, learning to rest is a very important key skill. Focus on the quality of your run rather than the quantity. Therefore, you can find one day a week as a rest day or find an easy track for jogging, which will have a good effect on running.
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