7 ways to help you shape a man

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Now many male friends are under the pressure of work and life, not only because of unhealthy diet, but also because they have no time to exercise!

So what kind of method can help the majority of male friends regain their perfect figure? Come and learn about these slimming exercises prepared by the editor for men!

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1. Be sure to exercise after meals

Normal people are obese because they either eat too much or exercise too little. So after we eat, before the food is fully digested, we must not be lazy in one place and do not exercise immediately. Otherwise, our body will accumulate fat easily.

Therefore, after a meal, we must find a way to get ourselves active so that the calories can be consumed as soon as possible. Therefore, after a meal, we can choose to wash and do housework, or go for a walk or something. These are great weight loss tips.

2. Leaping exercise is a good way to keep fit

Ground jumping consumes the most fat. Frequent jumping exercises can provide health-care vibration massage in the body, thereby improving health, strengthening physical fitness, and improving exercise levels.

Repeatedly and continuously practicing jumping movements can make the human body bear a certain exercise load, which is beneficial to improve the body's functional level, balance ability, and develop the ability and sensitivity of coordinating force.

3. Aerobic exercise

When doing aerobic exercise, you must master the rhythm of strength and weakness, so that you can achieve the effect of weight loss with twice the result with half the effort.

Similarly, if you add half an hour of aerobic exercise when you are doing high-intensity exercise, you can exercise together and consume double the calories in your body

4. Upper body exercise

Sit on the chair facing forward, keep your upper body straight, twist both ends of the chair tightly with both hands, put your feet together, lift your face up, hold this position for 10-20 seconds, and then put it down.

It is appropriate to repeat this set of actions 100 times.

5. Lower body exercise

Lie flat on your back, close your feet tightly together, and lift up 10 cm, keep this movement for about 10 seconds, and then put your feet down.

Repeat this set of actions 50 times, and the effect will be more ideal if you do it 100 times.

6. Whole body exercise

Lie flat with your feet together, bend your knees, cross your hands behind your head, rotate your neck, face up, lift your head slightly, turn your gaze to your knees, and move your head upwards 50-100 times.

7. Lower abdomen curl

It is not recommended to perform lower abdominal curls and sit-ups on a soft bed. They should be practiced on a yoga mat to truly exercise the lower abdomen.

2-3 groups of 15-20 times per group can be performed every 2-3 days.

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Now more and more people are pursuing a healthy body, so how to lose weight healthily has become a concern of people. In fact, as long as you combine a reasonable diet and moderate exercise, you will not lose your shape.

When exercising, paying attention to your own exercise will also make you more confident. BP Smartwatch can help you.