7 Ways to Keep Your Fitness Fear-Free

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A recent review of studies found that people struggled to stick to a fitness program because they were afraid of it — whether it was tricky movements, complicated fitness equipment or daunting distances. Actually nothing to be afraid of. But we are all human. Here's how to eliminate your imaginary fitness monster so you can find a workout you like and stick with it every day.

Find your fun.

Life is short, too short to be wasted doing things you don't like or at least don't like. Fitness isn't always easy, but your movement should have some qualities that you feel you can make up for. Maybe you like how you feel after a sweat. Maybe you like playing tennis and swimming. Whatever it is, ignite the tiniest spark in your heart - do it! Easier to stick to what you like.

change your perspective

Even professional athletes get nervous. Sometimes changing your perspective helps. According to running champion and Sarah Hall, building yourself can help calm earthquake-like tension. This means remembering that you are not your exerciser. you are you!

Hall also recommends remembering joy in or around your chosen activity. Most people feel great after exercising. Remembering why you came -- and the joy you feel after exercising (or even, hopefully, during exercise or activity), can help you get through the toughest of sweating sessions.

ask for help

As in the days before GPS, there was no shame in asking for a little help, just like stopping to find driving directions. Many gyms offer at least one free personal training session or consultation, which creates an excellent opportunity to ask a trainer how to do some basic exercises, or to show you how to use key equipment.

Try a class.

Fitness classes are a great way to learn new moves and stay motivated. All those involved are in the same boat, mapping the fitness water. Research shows that building a social network around fitness, or at least making friends, can help you stay motivated.

If you're nervous about your skills, find a spot in the middle of the room. You won't have the pressure of the first row, but you'll still be seen by the teacher, who can give you form hints.

exercise at home

For someone who really likes the quiet comfort of being alone at home, a full-body workout in their own space is easy. You can do bodyweight exercises such as push-ups, planks, squats, lunges, and even use elastic bands or some water bottles to increase resistance.

Wear a blood pressure tracker

Research shows that wearing a tracker may increase your workout time. Paying close attention to your workouts over time and you can see your progress can be incredibly motivating and motivate you to do more. The tracker also gives you a convenient view of your daily activity and helps you take charge of achieving your goals.


Numerous studies have shown that distraction while exercising can help you feel better during and after exercise. (This means you can work out easier for longer, or harder for more results.)

Create a playlist to cheer you up, or go outdoors and experience nature. Research shows that getting into greenery can help reduce anxiety. It's also a great place to step into it.