7 Ways to Walk to Work Out Effectively

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Walking is the easiest and most convenient way to keep healthy. Adding some hand movements while walking can not only strengthen the health exercise effect of walking, but also exercise many parts of the body. Take a look at how to get fit on foot.

Common walking method

Suitable for different age groups, no action requirements, both simple and relaxed. Exercisers can practice in the morning and evening, and the time and pace of exercise can be arranged according to their own conditions. Generally, slow walking is around 60 steps per minute, and moderate walking is around 80 steps per minute. Exercise time 15 minutes each time, once or twice a day can get a better exercise effect.

Fast walking method

This method is to accelerate the walking speed on the basis of ordinary walking, with the arm swing, walking at about 5000 meters per hour. This walking method, increase the intensity of exercise, healthy people can practice more. Generally 20 ~ 30 minutes each time, 2 ~ 3 times a week can achieve satisfactory results.

Quantitative walking method

This method is to set the time or distance each time, set the quantity, so as to improve the quality of exercise to fitness method. If the walking time does not change, gradually increase the walking distance. This method has certain significance to check and evaluate the effect of their own exercise, and can be applied to middle-aged people.

The swing arm walk

This method is the practice of swinging the arms forward and back with deliberate force while walking. It can improve the activity of the shoulders and the chest of exercisers, and cooperate with the breathing movement, which is conducive to the treatment of respiratory diseases. Walking time and pace can vary from person to person.

Abdominal massage walking method

When walking, place the palms of the two palms in the abdominal umbilical position, and do clockwise and counterclockwise rotation massage 36 times each. This method is beneficial to the prevention and treatment of gastroenteritis, accelerate blood circulation, promote digestion, and improve health.

Slap walking method

When walking, use the two arms to swing naturally and beat the shoulder, chest, abdomen, waist, back and other parts of the palm. This is a traditional health care method, can massage acupoints, has the effect of relaxing tendons, activating collaterals, relieving tension and eliminating fatigue.

Walk backwards

This method changes the direction and habit of human walking, and is beneficial to exercise the balance of human sensory organs. When walking upside down, the transition from toe first to heel has a good effect on massage toe points and meridians. The time and amount of practice is generally about 5 minutes, or you can alternate walking forward and backward.

Walking can enhance cardiovascular function and improve blood circulation. Insist on walking exercise, is beneficial to prevent obesity. Especially in the fresh air outdoor walking, can improve the human nervous function, make the brain relax, happy, edifies sentiment, helps eliminate fatigue, get active rest, can improve work efficiency.

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