Actions Should Be Cautious While Elders Exercise

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Fitness for the elderly has its particularity, so in daily life, the elderly should know more about sports related knowledge, master the correct way of exercise, avoid sports mistakes, in order to be healthy, enjoy the old life. In the daily exercise of the elderly, these movements should be avoided as far as possible:

When exercising, many elderly people like to frequently do some upward lifting movements, including shoulder rotation in horizontal bars or rings, baseball pitching, lifting snatch, etc., which may aggravate the load on the shoulder joint. Middle-aged and elderly people should avoid shoulder movements with a large range of motion when exercising.

"Bend your legs straight and reach your feet with your hands" is a good way to stretch your legs. However, doing this in old age can put a strain on the spine, bones, muscles and even blood pressure. The elderly's balance ability is poor, the joint is hard, large bending may cause pull injury and joint dislocation.

The torso twist is also known as the waist twist. Older people's back muscle strength decreases, standing up to do this movement, it is easy to damage the back and even fall. If you have to do it, you can choose to sit and twist your waist.

Sit-up Sit-ups involve rolling up your legs to exercise your abs, and the movement will be more vigorous. Most middle-aged and elderly people have more or less cervical and lumbar spine problems, doing sit-ups can easily cause irreversible damage to the cervical and lumbar spine.

In addition, the elderly should avoid excessive exercise intensity during exercise. Some old people always think that working up a sweat is effective. But in fact, in the process of exercise feel tired, should reduce, slow down the speed and frequency of exercise, adjust the amount of exercise. If you experience dizziness, chest tightness, chest pain, shortness of breath or excessive fatigue during exercise, you should stop exercising immediately and go to the hospital for treatment if necessary.

"Life lies in movement" this word is true, but exercise, exercise premise is scientific and reasonable. People's physique is different, corresponding to the way of exercise should also be different. Find the appropriate way of exercise, amount and frequency of exercise, avoid blind exercise, excessive exercise, so as to make our body better and better.

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While exercise,elders should pay attention to their health like blood pressure,heart rate,etc.BP smart watch will meet elders' needs of monitoring health and has great accuracy.