Ball Games That Require A Swing: An Unexpected Benefit

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Swing ball games are extremely beneficial for both mental and physical health.

Why are ball games that require swings good for your health?

The racket swing can stimulate the shoulder muscles and the biceps and triceps of the arms, effectively enhancing the strength of the shoulder and arm muscles. In the process of fast movement, the muscles of the whole body are required to be coordinated, especially the muscles of the legs will be effectively exercised. At the same time, it promotes the brain to think quickly and has a brain function; it also allows the eyes to adjust the movement and promote the blood supply and metabolism of the eyeball tissue.

  • Exercise your brain

Sports such as table tennis, badminton and tennis are all Olympic sports competitions. In addition to physical competition, it also requires the brain to think about how to use tactics to defeat the opponent, so it is also a kind of exercise for the brain. The brain can think quickly in a short time Decision-making can maintain the agility of thinking, improve reaction ability and memory, and can prevent Alzheimer's disease for the elderly.


  • Exercising limbs

In addition to the need for the upper limbs to hold the racket tightly and swing the racket continuously during exercise, the swing movement also requires the lower limbs to find the ball's landing point and hit the ball more effectively, so that the limbs can be fully exercised and the muscles and strength of the limbs can be enhanced. , to maintain the coordination of the limbs.


  • Exercise eyesight

Swing movement also requires eyes to keep a close eye on the opponent's swing movement, the flight direction of the ball, and the rotation of the ball. Since the ball flies back and forth at high speed, long-term exercise can accelerate eye blood circulation and eye health. The adjustment of muscles and lens is beneficial to improve vision.


  • Cardiopulmonary exercise

Breathing will deepen and speed up during table tennis, which can improve lung capacity. Moreover, exercise will enhance myocardial contractility, increase cardiac output, promote blood circulation, speed up metabolism through sweating, etc., and accelerate the discharge of toxins, so it can exercise cardiopulmonary function.


  • Less physical resistance

Compared with football and basketball, table tennis has lower physical confrontation. For table tennis players, they do not need to make physical contact and collision, but only need to focus on their rackets and table, and they can easily Good to enjoy sports fun. Table tennis is a sport that can be participated in for life, and, as the age of the ball grows, the technical level of table tennis players will be higher.


Points to note about racket sports

  • Environmental inspection

The surrounding area should be spacious, and there should be no obstacles too close to avoid injury during exercise; the ground should be dry, and the water should be mopped up in time to prevent slipping and injury.


  • Get ready

Before exercising, you should do some specialized exercises, such as jogging, freehand exercises, and activities of joints, ligaments, and muscles, so that the human body can adapt to the various requirements.


  • Control exercise load

When playing competitive games, as the level of competition intensifies, the intensity of exercise will also increase a lot. This may have adverse effects on people with weak heart function, so sufficient attention should be paid. To avoid excessive fatigue, the best single exercise time is between 45-60 minutes. If the exercise time is less than 45 minutes, the effect will be weakened, and if it is more than 60 minutes, not only will there be no higher benefits, but it will also easily produce negative effects. In terms of frequency, 3 days to 5 days a week, once a day benefits the most. Generally speaking, the heart rate of young people reaches 150 beats per minute after exercise, and that of the elderly is 120 beats per minute, which can reach a safe and effective exercise intensity.


  • Organize and relax

After exercise, organize and relax in time. You can take various measures such as jogging, relaxing limbs and swinging, local massage, etc. The finishing time is generally 5-10 minutes.


  • Prevent sports injuries

When swinging the racket, the wrist, elbow, shoulder, and waist exert great force, which often easily causes excessive traction of the wrist joint tendon and tenosynovitis around the shoulder joint. Others such as the knee joint and waist can also be injured due to improper movement, so it is necessary to proceed step by step , The amount of exercise is from small to large, and you must master the correct way of playing to avoid injury.

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