Best smart watches:Drinking Water is linked to high blood pressure?

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Hypertension is one of the common chronic metabolic diseases, and also one of the main diseases in middle-aged and elderly people. General hypertension is the human body blood pressure is too high and cause, in addition, "water and sodium retention" is also the main cause of hypertension. Water and sodium retention refers to excessive water and sodium salts in the body, which then causes blood volume to put pressure on the blood vessel wall and cause high blood pressure. So according to "water and sodium retention", people think that if you drink less water and eat less salt, you can keep high blood pressure under control.

Eating less salt does reduce high blood pressure, but the relationship between water and high blood pressure is misrepresented, and drinking less water does not reduce high blood pressure.

1. Drinking Water is linked to high blood pressure?

In fact, according to research, drinking water is not a risk factor for high blood pressure, and drinking water does not improve high blood pressure. Because blood pressure is not in conflict with the amount of water you drink, and as long as the kidneys are healthy, the excess water in the body will be metabolized by the kidneys, so it will not cause an increase in blood volume, so drinking water will not raise or lower hypertension.

2.Is "water and sodium retention" not true?

When people know that the amount of water they drink is not related to high blood pressure, it is easy to think that "water and sodium retention" is wrong. There is nothing wrong with "water and sodium retention" because "water and sodium retention" emphasizes sodium. Sodium generally refers to salt. When people consume a lot of salt, it will not only lead to the increase of hypertension, but also a lot of water intake. Therefore, drinking water is only caused by excessive salt intake, so water has nothing to do with hypertension, but only salt.

2.How to drink water is good for health?

Although the amount of water consumed is not related to high blood pressure, the importance of water is self-evident. It is generally recommended to control the water intake in 1500~2000ml every day, which can not only meet the body's need for water, but also dilute the blood and reduce the occurrence of cardiovascular diseases.

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