Blood Pressure Watch:good choice for elder

Blood Pressure Watch

Many people of the younger generation are very worried about the health of the elderly at home, especially now that the small family model is prevalent, and many people in the next generation can hardly live and live together.

And now, my country has entered an aging society, and the health of the elderly is particularly valued by the whole society. However, at present, most of the blood pressure measurement products are mainly used for home use, and their portability is still poor. Especially when going out, it is impossible to carry them anytime and anywhere. Therefore, wearable blood pressure measurement smart watches have become a kind of trend.

The biggest selling point of this watch is that it supports airbag-type real blood pressure testing, which can pressurize the airbag on the wrist with one button, and the measurement is more accurate, and it supports 24-hour real-time monitoring. The balloon-type true blood pressure test supports remote monitoring data, and supports 24-hour monitoring of blood pressure, ECG, and heart rate.

You can add friends with your family members in the APP, and you can view each other's health data remotely. This function is really thoughtful and practical.