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Compared with smartphones, the benefits of smartwatches are more insidious. A smartwatch doesn't guarantee you will exercise more or play less with your phone, so why should we buy a smartwatch? Because it can provide a choice that makes life better, and that choice may be enough to change our lives.

Whether it is Apple Watch, Android Wear or Pebble, they all provide a relatively complete notification viewing function. When the mobile phone receives a notification, we can view the content of the notification on the smart watch by raising our wrist. We can decide whether to immediately stop the work at hand and turn on the smart phone to deal with the notification according to the importance and urgency of the notification.

This is also the most important reason for me to buy a smartwatch. After wearing a smartwatch, I don't need to go to my pocket and take out my phone again and again, and spend a lot of time checking and dealing with unimportant notifications. Just pull out your phone and reply when you get a really important message. In addition, smart watches such as Apple Watch and Android Wear can also reply to messages such as WeChat directly on the watch, but until Apple and Google come up with better input methods, such functions have little use value.

In addition to viewing notifications, smartwatches like Apple Watch and Android Wear can display useful information on the watch face, such as weather, alarms, schedules, and reminders.

In addition to viewing notifications, another important function of a smartwatch is recording exercise data. Although many smartphones already have the function of sports recording, because the smart watch can be worn on the hand all the time, the sports data recording is often more accurate.

Smartwatches can transfer many functions, such as watching time, moving steps, and checking notifications, from mobile phones to watches, which can reduce the time we use smartphones and theoretically reduce the power consumption of smartphones. The price, of course, is the need to charge your smartwatch frequently.