Building Muscles Is Good For Keeping Fit

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Exercising your muscles can reduce the risk of chronic diseases and help you live longer, according to a study by the German physicians' trade association. Especially the elderly, should strengthen the muscle exercise of the limbs. But the reality is that many people do not like to exercise, waist, hip, leg circumference rapid growth, let the fat constantly squeezing muscle space.

Insufficient exercise is a global epidemic

According to a study published in the Lancet medical journal, 31% of adults around the world do not value exercise and are seriously insufficient in physical activity. Women are more likely to be physically inactive than men, with about 34 percent globally compared with 28 percent for men. Among them, 40.2 percent of Italians do not take part in either physical exercise or manual labor in their spare time. 23.7 percent of Australians aged 13 to 18 are overweight or obese, and only 15 percent do an hour of physical activity a day. A health survey conducted by a British medical insurance company in 12 countries and regions including China found that the insufficient daily exercise has become a global health risk. In our country, the people who lack exercise are at least more than 40%.

It directly affects joints and weight

Less muscle and more fat is a bad evolutionary trend. The main reasons are as follows: Firstly, in modern life, mechanical operation is gradually replacing human labor, and more and more people no longer do physical work; Secondly, modern life is relatively busy, specially set aside a period of time to exercise, for many people a little "luxury", can insist on long-term exercise few people; Third, living areas in the city are increasingly crowded, the resources of public sports places are limited, and the gym is expensive, so it is difficult to find a place to exercise. Fourth, there are mistakes in exercise, people do not find the right way to exercise muscles, but lead to muscle strain; Fifthly, many people are not clear about the importance of muscles to the body. They think that muscles make them look too strong and affect their appearance, which is inconsistent with the modern aesthetic pursuit of slimness.

Muscle is the source of body strength, too little proportion of many harm, the most direct two points are: lead to obesity, muscle is the body's main place to metabolize heat, less muscle, low basic metabolism, people are prone to obesity. Especially the middle-aged and elderly people with slow metabolism, if they do not exercise muscles, even if they are not overweight, high body fat may also appear "three high" problems; Aggravate the joint burden, every muscle group in the human body has a corresponding joint, which muscle area is small, the corresponding joint is vulnerable to damage. For example, the thigh muscles have a protective effect on the knee joint. If you often sit and squat, the muscle volume of the inner thigh becomes smaller, and the knee joint pain is easy to occur.

Building muscle provides many benefits

On the contrary, the right amount of muscle exercise, like a safeguard for the body, can lead to unexpected benefits.

Increase your metabolic rate. A kilogram of muscle burns 75 to 110 calories while a kilogram of fat only burns 4 to 10 calories when you don't exercise. Moderately increase the proportion of muscle, help to improve metabolism, reduce fat, avoid obesity.

Relieve back pain. Movements such as sitting for long periods of time, looking down at a phone, and reclining on a bed can damage the cervical and lumbar vertebrae and cause pain if the muscles are not strong enough or overused. Increasing muscle strength provides protection and support for the bones.

Reduce diabetes risk. The US study found that for every 10 per cent increase in muscle mass to body weight, insulin resistance was reduced by 11 per cent, reducing the risk of diabetes. The reason is that muscles can take the sugar they need from the blood and use it, reducing the body's dependence on insulin.

Prevent osteoporosis. Moderate muscle training constantly stimulates the bones of the body, causing the body to respond by increasing bone density for long-term exercise.

Make the body graceful and symmetrical. Increasing the proportion of muscles helps to strengthen important areas such as the chest, back and shoulders and improve flexibility. It also builds beautiful muscles and makes people look symmetrical.

It helps prolong life. A study in the US found that older people who have more muscle have a lower risk of early death, because adding muscle protects against metabolic diseases. Consciously building muscles can also improve mobility, prevent falling and slow aging.

Exercise methods vary from person to person

Before exercise, it is best to understand their own muscle level, two methods are simple and easy to do: one is to sit in a chair, hands in front of the chest, rely on one leg strength to get up, if can get up smoothly, that muscle strength is strong; If it is difficult to get up, the muscle strength is weak and needs to be strengthened. If you can't stand up, you need attention. Second, can stand on one foot for 60 seconds or so, if not, that muscle strength is weak. In addition, walking with a small stride, unsteady pace, climbing a few floors of panting, legs weak, is also a sign of muscle strength. If the result after self-test is not good, it is necessary to strengthen muscle exercise.

Schedule an exercise schedule for your age. From adolescence to the age of 18, the bone growth rate is faster than the muscle. In order to avoid the "hemp rod" figure, you can gradually and slowly exercise the muscle, but do not do too much exercise of large muscle groups. You can first do muscle pulling training, practice body stretching and flexibility, and then develop muscle volume.

Muscle mass starts to decline in middle age. By age 50, men have lost about a third of their muscle mass and women have lost about half. Middle-aged people can exercise the muscles of the shoulder, back and upper arm, waist and abdomen, and lower limbs respectively, and the waist and abdomen as the focus.

As the saying goes, "Old legs get old first." Elderly people should pay special attention to leg exercises to improve muscle weight and body composition. Exercise with small load strength training is appropriate, such as lower extremity training can do half squat. If you find it difficult to squat, you can sit and exercise your knees and leg muscles by stretching your calves.

The emphasis is different depending on gender. The training methods of men and women are the same, but the amount of exercise should be different. Men have higher requirements on the arm, chest and leg muscles. They can do more push-lift barbell and squat with barbell on their back to effectively exercise the legs and waist and abdominal muscles. They can also lie flat and lift barbell to exercise the arm muscles. Women have higher requirements for curves, suitable for small weight dumbbells to do push, turn and other actions. At the beginning of exercise, moderate exercise is appropriate, the exercise time is recommended in 1 to 1.5 hours, women can reduce the amount of exercise according to physical strength.

Different parts practice different methods. You can exercise your abdominal muscles and lumbar muscles by sitting up, pushing up, lying down and rolling your abdomen. Exercise the biceps, deltoid and pectoralis major muscles of the upper limbs by lifting dumbbells and pull-ups. Exercise the biceps femoris and quadriceps femoris muscles of lower limbs through weight-bearing squats; Train your core through the popular plank, a seemingly simple exercise that works the muscles of your back, abdomen and hips. When practicing, it is best to calculate the RM value, that is, the maximum number of times you can do a certain exercise. For example, a person can do 10 dumbbells at most each time. Then, with 10 dumbbells as the standard, complete 3 consecutive sets with a one-minute rest between each set. Can also be combined with other parts of the exercise, cycle 3 times.

It's worth reminding yourself that diet is also related to muscle growth. When building muscle, we should eat more foods with high protein content, such as beef, eggs, poultry, soy products and so on. At the same time, we should ensure the intake of carbohydrates and prevent protein from being consumed as heat energy. In addition, muscles and sleep are also involved. Deep sleep helps relax muscles throughout the body and releases muscle growth hormone. It is recommended that adults get 7 to 8 hours of sleep every night.


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