Can hypertensive patient eat fruit? How to Eat Healthier?

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Hypertension is a common disease in middle and old age, which needs to be paid attention to and prevented. The expert points out that a few fruits are eaten more to have preventive effect to hypertension in daily life. So, what fruit can hypertension eat? The following detailed introduction, have the need of friends may wish to try.

Older people with high blood pressure, especially if their blood pressure is high, should avoid fruits that are high in monosaccharides, such as grapes, watermelons, and of course fruit juices, especially de-germinated fruit juices, as well as the popular dried fruit. For hypertension to eat what fruit is good for this problem, here for everyone to make a summary. This article will tell you what fruit to eat for hypertensive patients. Hypertension has diuresis action to eat more, those who contain potassium are high wait better. Such as watermelon, banana, apple, hawthorn, pineapple and so on. Specifically, hypertension patients should eat more of the following fruit is better.

You ask, is sugar related to high blood pressure?

Most hypertension crowds are chubby body, especially have a fat belly friends here suggest that eating less pure sugar fruit, such as grapes will be immediately transformed into glucose in the body, watermelon sugar is also very high, sugar does not directly affect your blood pressure, of course, but for the control of blood pressure is not a good news, In particular, long-term eating is not very beneficial for blood pressure control.

Does freshly squeezed juice have an effect on blood sugar?

Many patients with hypertension are generally advised by doctors to eat some vegetables and fruits, at this time some people are willing to make juice, juice is indeed a lot of nutrition, but the juice with the dreg removed is basically the nutrients in the fruit that can help control the absorption of sugar. The residue of the fruit contains ingredients for dietary fiber, pectin, insoluble dietary fiber, these nutrients are to help control the sugar in the fruit, but also can promote the role of metabolism. So if you have high blood pressure and you want to drink fruit juice, it is recommended to keep the fruit residue.

Dried fruit

Dried fruit is also not very suitable for people with hypertension to eat, any fruit dried fruit is said to be dehydrated, dried and then added sugar to make delicious dried fruit, this time the sugar is quite high, so it is recommended that people with hypertension should try not to eat dried fruit water.

Of course, if you just have high blood pressure but not to the extent of taking medicine, and the weight is not very heavy, then it is OK to eat a little fruit but must pay attention to a small number of mainly, the above several kinds of fruit can be according to the large amount.

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Tips: People with this disease must pay attention to their diet. You also need to have good living habits. In addition to protein, fat, sugar, vitamins, carotene, calcium, phosphorus and iron, people with high blood pressure should also eat garlic. They also contain ingredients such as allicin, thioether compounds, linalool and others, which are good for your health. If you want better prevention, you need to develop good habits in your life.