Can you consistently lose weight by just counting calories?

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The pursuit of slim and graceful posture is every girl's life in the pursuit of weight management is very important! Is weight loss about counting calories or maintaining your hormonal balance? Dr. Siu Jie-jian, a weight-loss physician, pointed out that calorie counts are inaccurate, but that doesn't mean calorie counts are wrong! Calorie counting and hormonal problems don't go against it.

Calorie counts, hormones and weight loss

The theory of calories is straightforward: the laws of thermodynamics say that if you take in more energy than you burn, you gain weight; If you take in less energy than you burn, you lose weight. If you don't lose weight, it's simple: You eat too much, or you don't exercise enough.

On the other hand, there are those who argue that calorie counting is broken. Calorie counting does not take into account metabolic issues such as hormones, insulin resistance, and polycystic ovarian syndrome. Eating less and moving more does not work. By cutting back on certain foods (or cutting them out altogether), you can lose weight without counting calories.

Some doctors think: these two views are not contrary to each other, there are right places and myths. Hormonal changes do make you hungrier and hungrier, or metabolize poorly, but that doesn't mean calorie counts are wrong.

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There will be errors in the calculation of heat, including: inaccurate labeling of calculation, not necessarily absorption of what is eaten, different thermogenic effects of food, and eating time points

1. Inaccurate calorie labeling: The margin of error for calorie labeling is up to 20% in both the United States and Taiwan. Even when you're penny-pinching calories, it's possible to eat 100 to 300 calories more or less from convenience store foods.

2. You don't always absorb what you eat: You don't always absorb what you eat. Resistant starch may absorb only 80% of refined starch; We tend to underestimate the calories of nuts and vegetables. In addition, absorption depends on the bacteria in the gut, which varies from person to person.

3. Food has different thermogenic effects: digesting and absorbing food itself requires energy, and digesting protein requires much more energy than digesting refined starch. As you can imagine, eating 600 calories of starch or lean meat will have a completely different reaction.

4. Eating time points are very different: the same food eaten in the morning, food heat effect is relatively high, blood sugar is relatively stable, the body is also easier to use these energy, less stored into fat. If you eat the same thing at night, your body will need to secrete more insulin to balance your blood sugar, causing insulin resistance over time. This is also the reason why it is difficult to lose weight to eat too late.

Don't you need to count calories to lose weight?The answer is yes!We still have to count! Just because the calorie count is wrong doesn't mean it's wrong, doesn't mean we don't need to keep track of what we eat.

In fact, just keeping track of what you eat is very effective! Do not have change when weight, do food record according to daily place, just know how to want to revise. Second, because the body balances its energy automatically, after an hour of running, the body will want you to eat back the 400 calories you burned, otherwise we will feel hungry. If you don't keep track of what you eat, it's easy to end up eating a bunch of food without realizing it.


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What's more,wearing a BP smart watch which can keep track of your fitness and count your calories will help you a lot to keep healthy.