Common Problems When Going To The Gym For The First Time

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The gym has become a frequent place for many people to exercise. If you are going there for the first time, what should you pay attention to?

Have no idea about fitness equipment

👉Solution: Do your homework at home first
If you haven’t planned to find a fitness trainer to plan your exercise at the beginning, you can first look at the exercise methods shared by fitness experts on the Internet, find out the fitness effect you want, learn how to operate the equipment, and then go to the gym to find the same equipment , you won’t be clueless!


Not concentrating enough during exercise

👉Solution: tie your hair well and wear sports-friendly clothing
Crazy sweating and big movements, the untied hair fluttering and shaking is uncomfortable, and the hair needs to be re-tied during the exercise, which will interrupt the exercise. In addition, sports clothing is very important, and the top and trousers should be made of materials with good breathability and perspiration. Girls, you must wear sports underwear to protect your breasts. Don't just wear a daily underwear to exercise. To enjoy the fat-burning process of sports, you must wear sports underwear with good coverage. Believe me, the more professionally you dress, the more serious and efficient you will be in exercising.


How much food should people eat before and after exercise?

👉Solution: choose the appropriate food type and portion
Before exercising, if you are hungry, choose to eat "easy to digest starch food", such as: a banana, a piece of toast, a small piece of sweet potato, a bottle of oatmeal drink. During exercise, the body will consume carbohydrates, and eating starchy foods in moderation can help burn fat. Remember, it’s fine if you’re not hungry. If you’re too full and your calories are exploding, strenuous exercise will make your stomach feel uncomfortable, affecting your exercise effect or you don’t want to continue exercising.

What do you eat after working out? You can eat "protein" foods, such as soy milk, tofu, eggs, lean meat, fish, milk, etc., and don't eat or drink indiscriminately (whether you exercise or not, you should not eat indiscriminately).

Muscles that have been trained need nutrients to repair the muscles and prevent fat accumulation. Don't stop eating, because when the body is in a state of hunger, it will activate the "don't continue to burn energy mechanism". Originally, you thought that if you don't eat, you will lose weight, but you are wrong, you will lose weight more slowly!


Feel shy to enter the gym, what should you do?

👉Solution: Start with cardio equipment
You have prepared for a long time and learned about certain equipment. Because you are not familiar with the environment, you feel lonely and cold when you enter the gym (in fact, the air conditioner is super strong). Let's start with the most simple and easy-to-understand cardiopulmonary equipment! There are pre-set training modes on the treadmill or stepper. Choose a group to do it. It will have the effect of exercise and reduce fat. After the training, walk around the gym while drinking water. You have already done exercise. It will be like being part of the gym without feeling uncomfortable. You can also introduce the environment inside to your friends!

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