Curious About The Customs Of Mother's Day Around The World

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Our Mother's Day mostly uses flowers and blessings as Mother's Day gifts, so how do mothers in other countries spend Mother's Day? Let me take you to see it together!


  • Mother's Day Cake

British Mother's Day originated in England in the seventeenth century. In order to express respect for mothers, the fourth Sunday of Lent (referring to the forty days before Easter Eve, except Sunday) is designated as Mothering Sunday. .

On Mother's Day, children who are away from home will bring a special mothering cake (mothering cake), flowers, greeting cards and other small gifts back home to reunite with their mothers and spend this wonderful festival together.

With the spread of Christianity, this festival gradually turned into a veneration of Mother Church: expressing people's gratitude for the spiritual power that gave them life and protected them from harm.



  • Noodle necklace

Mother's Day was first celebrated in France in 1928, when the French President issued a decree to designate May 29th as Mother's Day in France.

On this day, children will wear their own "noodle necklace" for their mother. This kind of "noodle necklace" is made of macaroni pasta in various colors and shapes, representing the children's gratitude to their mother for their upbringing and A huge tribute to my mother for her selfless dedication.



  • Dressed Up Mom

The Indians honor the Ganges River as the Mother River, which means "Mother of India". Every April 5th is Mother's Day in India. All mothers who have given birth to a child must wear traditional Indian dress saree and exquisite jewelry on Mother's Day, and come to public places to have fun and enjoy themselves as a great mother.



  • Women's sumo

The third Sunday in October every year is Mother's Day in Japan. In this warm festival, in order to show respect for the mother, people whose mother is still alive wear a red flower, while those whose mother has passed away wear a white flower to show the memory of their mother. Every year on Mother's Day, in Fukushima Town, Hokkaido, people will hold a unique Mother's Day Women's Sumo Tournament to celebrate the festival.



  • Holiday celebration

In 1976, in order to praise Queen Sirikit’s great contribution to inheriting Thai traditional culture, and to thank her for the motherly care she gave to the Thai people as the mother of a country, the government designated her birthday as Thailand’s Mother’s Day, which is celebrated every year. August 12.

On the day of the festival, all institutions and schools will have a holiday and hold celebration activities. The most meaningful activity is "selecting outstanding mothers". Then, thousands of daughters hold pure white jasmine flowers as "mother's flowers" and present them to their mothers to express their gratitude.


  • Husband and wife role reversal

Greece is where Mother's Day originated. In Macedonia and Thrace in northern Greece, January 8th is the local Mother's Day.

On this day, married women switch roles with their husbands. Men were required to stay at home, babysit, wash, cook, and clean, and they had to wear aprons. The women took to the streets to do things that only men usually do, go to the tavern in the center of the town to drink, play cards and so on.

In addition to these countries, Germany, Egypt, Central Africa, Yugoslavia and other regions also have a variety of interesting and local celebrations. Although the forms are different, no matter which one it is, it is an expression of respect and gratitude to the mother.

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