Do Leg Exercises Regularly to Improve Lower Body Strength

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The elderly have poor lower body strength and a poor sense of balance as they get older, and are prone to falls. So, are there some simple ways to prevent falls in life? Here, it is recommended that elderly friends often do leg lifting exercises, rub their calves, improve lower limb strength, and exercise a sense of balance, so as to prevent falls to a certain extent.

●Leg lift exercise

Support a big tree or wall with one hand, raise the left leg to 90 degrees and then put it down. Repeat this, and do the same with the right leg. The duration of the exercise depends on the individual's physical capacity. This easy-to-learn exercise develops the body's sense of balance while strengthening the lower back muscles to reduce lower back pain and fatigue.


●Rub the front of the thigh and knee

Elderly people have poor blood circulation and are prone to arteriosclerosis. Regular rubbing of the front of the thighs and knees can improve blood supply, relax muscles, and improve the function of the lower limbs to a certain extent. It is also worth noting that the elderly may feel dizzy when they stand up suddenly after squatting or sitting for a long time, their eyes will be dark, their legs and feet will be weak, and they may fall easily. At this time, it is best to rub the front of the thighs and knees before standing up, and then stand up slowly.


●Rub the calf

When straightening the calf or lifting the heel, a depression similar to a "herringbone" will appear on the calf, and there is a "Chengshan point" at the sharp corner of the depression. Pressing this point can relax the tendons, activate the collaterals, strengthen the tendons and nourish the deficiency It can relieve back pain, leg pain and tendons, and calf spasm. Press 1-2 times a day, about 10 minutes each time, just a little soreness.

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