Does high blood pressure affect male fertility?Yes!

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Most people think it's a disease of the elderly, but it's not. With the change of people's lifestyle, hypertension patients tend to be younger, and many men aged 30-50 also suffer from hypertension. High blood pressure is becoming an important factor affecting male fertility.

The influence on male reproductive ability mainly has the following aspects.

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1. Influence of hypertension

Patients with erectile dysfunction are more sensitive to vascular changes than patients with hypertension, and may already have erectile dysfunction when they do not have symptoms of hypertension. Many experts call erectile dysfunction a "sentinel" of cardiovascular disease. Erectile dysfunction is an early clinical manifestation of hypertension. The direct effect of hypertension on male erectile function is manifested in the change of penile vascular compliance and vascular endothelium, which makes the penis unable to obtain sufficient force during erection.

At the same time, some side effects of antihypertensive drugs can also induce erectile dysfunction. In the short term, angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors improve penile cavernosal perfusion by releasing nitrogen oxide and dilating blood vessels. However, in terms of long-term effects, angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors can promote the proliferation of penile vascular collagen tissue and narrow the vascular lumen by blocking angiotensin II, leading to erectile dysfunction.

2. High blood pressure will affect semen quality

High blood pressure can reduce sperm quality. In addition to the effect of high blood pressure itself on sperm quality, some blood pressure medications can also affect sperm count and motility. Some drugs may cause retrograde ejaculation (in which semen flows retrograde into the bladder and cannot be ejected from the urethra) and anejaculation.

3. High blood pressure can reduce men's desire for sex

The level of male gonadal hormone is also an important factor affecting male reproductive function. The abnormal sex hormone of hypertensive patient is caused by side reaction of antihypertensive drug more.

4, which people are prone to hypertension?

(1) Hypertension in the family. There is significant familial clustering of hypertension. If neither parent had hypertension, the risk was only 3.1 percent, but if both parents had hypertension, the risk rose to 46 percent.

(2) The elderly. There is a clear correlation between hypertension and age, especially systolic blood pressure. With age, blood vessels become less elastic and less able to regulate blood pressure.

(3) the taste is too heavy. Eat a heavy taste, the salt content is higher. Blood vessels are sensitive to salt, and too much salt can raise blood pressure.

(4) Overweight. General obese person, body adipose meeting exceeds quantity, the possibility of tall lipidemia also can rise, corresponding blood pressure also can be on the high side. At the same time, obese people tend to be lethargic and lack exercise, which can create a vicious cycle

(5) Long-term smoking. Nicotine and carbon monoxide in smoke will continue to act on blood vessels, so that blood vessels are in spasm symptoms, damage the elasticity of blood vessels.

(6) Alcohol addiction. Long-term drinking can cause cholesterol to rise, which is not easy to clear in blood vessels, blood vessels will produce disease.

(7) Long-term mental tension, lack of sleep, anxiety and depression. These people are prone to high blood pressure, but after a certain amount of rest, the blood pressure will drop to normal.

(8) long-term oral contraceptives, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and other drugs are also susceptible to hypertension.

5. How to treat hypertension patients?

For hypertensive patients in the stage of preparation for pregnancy, the vascular department should be combined with the reproductive department, according to the patient's specific situation, the implementation of individualized treatment. At the same time, it is also important to improve your lifestyle, adjust your diet and exercise.

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