Eight Mistakes in Combing Hair Will Make Hair Fall More and More

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Combing your hair can not only invigorate blood circulation, but also promote healthy hair growth. However, if you don't brush your hair properly, it can actually damage your hair, causing it to dry out, tangle up, lose luster, and even cause hair loss. The following eight misunderstandings are common when combing hair.

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Comb to the end

This is the most common mistake people make. Picking up the comb starts from the root of the hair and combs from top to bottom, which will not only easily lead to hair knots, but also pull out some "innocent" hair. The correct way to comb your hair is to hold a section of hair first, comb the scattered hair ends, then comb from the middle of the hair to the end of the hair, and finally comb slowly from the roots to the ends of the hair.

Comb hair fast

In order to catch up with the time, I combed the hair a few times, but if I comb my hair too fast, especially when using a fine-toothed comb, the hair in the gap between the teeth of the comb will be pulled and damaged, and it may lead to hair breakage after a long time.

Do not clean the comb

Many scalp diseases are transmitted through combs. Grease, dust and other dirt remain on the comb. After a long time, it will breed germs and infect the human body through contact with the scalp. Therefore, the comb should be cleaned frequently. You can soak it in soapy water for 10 minutes, then use an old toothbrush to scrub the teeth of the comb one by one, and then rinse it with clean water.

Short hair without combing

Whether you have long hair or short hair, combing your hair is very important. If you don't comb your hair for a long time, the scalp and hair follicles will lack benign stimulation, which may become unhealthy and eventually lead to hair loss.


Do not comb the scalp

Many people often brush their hair across the surface of the hair like a superficial touch of water, which is not conducive to the way of combing the dirt on the hair, but also cannot promote the blood circulation of the scalp. To comb your hair correctly, you should divide your hair into several areas, such as the top of the head, forehead, and sides, and then comb gently from the surface to the inside, touching the scalp. This helps to transfer the oil secreted by the scalp to the surface of the hair, forming a natural moisturizing layer to prevent dry and split ends of the hair. Gently brushing the scalp with the comb can stimulate the nerve endings of the scalp, which has the effect of relaxing, relieving fatigue and promoting sleep.


Comb your hair dry

After you wash your hair, brushing it while it's still wet can damage the hair's unclosed cuticle. It is recommended to comb the hair before washing it, and then blow dry it with a hair dryer or wait for it to dry naturally before combing.

Use a plastic comb

The plastic comb rubs against the hair, which can easily generate static electricity and damage the hair. It is best to use a comb made of natural bristles, the oil on it will be transferred to the hair through the combing action, moisturizing the hair. In addition, combs made of natural materials such as horn combs and peach wood combs are also good choices.

Comb backwards

In order to make the hair look fluffy, some people will comb back the hair on the top of the head in order to pursue the feeling of volume and volume on the top of the head, but this will actually damage the cuticles and make the hair lose nutrition and luster over time.

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