Exercise can drop blood pressure!

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After a bout of exercise, blood pressure levels can drop by a certain amount and remain so for up to 22 hours. As for the extent of blood pressure reduction, according to the experimental studies conducted by relevant institutions in foreign countries, exercise can reduce systolic blood pressure by 4-9 mm Hg, and weight loss (losing 10 kg, maintaining body mass index at 18.5-24.9, can reduce systolic blood pressure by 5-20 mm Hg), fruits and vegetables and low-fat diet (can reduce systolic blood pressure by 8-14 mm Hg), salt restriction (less than 6 g per day, Can reduce systolic blood pressure by 4-9 mm Hg). Accordingly, exercise therapy already became the one big helper that medicaments treats, hypertensive patient cannot look down upon.

Why Exercise Lowers Blood Pressure

The mechanism of exercise lowering blood pressure involves several factors, such as neurohumoral, vascular structure and reactivity, body weight, and insulin resistance. Specifically reflected in the following aspects:

  1. Exercise can improve the function of the plant nerve, reduce sympathetic tension, reduce the release of catecholamines, or make the human body to catecholamines sensitivity decreased.
  2. Exercise increases insulin receptor sensitivity and increases levels of HDL, the good cholesterol, and decreases levels of LDL, the bad cholesterol, reducing atherosclerosis.
  3. Exercise can exercise the muscles of the whole body, promote the thickening of muscle fibers, the enlargement of the diameter of blood vessels, the enhancement of the elasticity of the tube wall, the opening of collateral circulation in the heart, brain and other organs, and the increase of blood flow, which is conducive to the reduction of blood pressure.
  4. Exercise can increase the concentration of some beneficial chemicals in the body, such as endorphins, serotonin, etc., reduce the level of plasma renin and aldosterone and other substances with pressor effect, so that blood pressure falls.
  5. Tension or emotional excitement is a major cause of hypertension. Exercise can stabilize the mood, ease the mood, relieve the tension, anxiety and excitement, which is conducive to the stability of blood pressure.

Which exercises reduce blood pressure

Not all exercise can reduce stress. Only aerobic exercises such as walking, jogging, cycling, swimming, slow ballroom dancing and gymnastics can do the trick. The following are especially worthwhile


  1. Walk. The easiest exercise to do is to lower blood pressure, but unlike regular walking, it's a little faster.
  2. Jogging. Exercise more than walking, suitable for mild patients. It can make the highest heart rate reach 120-130 times per minute. Long-term adherence can make the blood pressure drop smoothly, the pulse is stable, the digestive function is enhanced, and the symptoms are reduced. Jogging speed should be slow, time from less to more; Each time to 15-30 minutes is appropriate.
  3. Ride a bike. An endurance exercise that improves heart and lung function. Exercise to maintain the correct posture, adjust the height of the handlebars and bike seat, the position of the two feet is appropriate, tread the foot board with even force. Each time 30-60 minutes is appropriate, the speed is medium.
  4. Tai Chi. Studies have shown that the average blood pressure of people aged 50 to 89 years who practice tai chi for a long time is 134/80 mm Hg, which is significantly lower than that of people of the same age who do not practice tai chi (154/82 mm Hg).
  5. Yoga also has its advantages, especially suitable for women with hypertension.
  6. Horizontal movement. Scientists have conducted experiments to show that high blood pressure in modern people may be related to upright living. There are two thirds of the time in the vertical state of the person's life, and in the big city people have reached three quarters of the above, the activity of the supine position is increasingly reduced, as time goes by, the cardiovascular system is affected by the load of blood pressure regulation, become one of the bane of the rise in blood pressure. Therefore, frequent horizontal exercise, such as swimming, crawling, supine gymnastics, hand rubbing the floor and so on, can effectively control blood pressure.

Inappropriate Exercise

Power type exercise, fast running and other anaerobic exercise, too fierce bending down or posture change range is too large, and forced breath-holding activities, will lead to rapid and large increase in blood pressure, easy to have accidents, can not do. In addition, winter swimming, Yangko and so on should be avoided as far as possible.

For winter swimming, due to strong cold stimulation, the surface blood vessels can be sharply contracted, so that the blood in the epidermal blood vessels returns to the viscera and deep tissues, causing a rise in blood pressure, so that the blood pressure of patients who are at a high level of blood pressure is higher, and there is a risk of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular accidents such as cerebrovascular rupture and bleeding.

As for Yangko dance, there are often gongs and drums to help the fun, and the drum beat is fast and powerful, easy to make people's sympathetic nerves excited, the heart rate is excessive, resulting in a sharp rise in blood pressure, also have the risk of stroke.

Additional, after hypertensive patient is moved do not wash hot water bath immediately, otherwise, hot water can bring about muscle and cutaneous blood vessel dilatation, cause the blood of visceral organ to rush to muscle and skin in great quantities, induce heart and cerebrum to be ischaemic thereby.The right thing to do is to take a short break and then opt for a warm bath, which should be done in 5-10 minutes.

A few special notes

First of all, at present the most effective way to deal with high blood pressure is medication, other therapies are only adjunctive means, such as exercise therapy. Of course, THROUGH a period of time reasonable exercise, can be in the doctor's guidance according to the recent blood pressure changes, adjust the original drug dosage. Do not blindly stop medication, or hypertension will kill your "return gun", put you in danger.

Secondly, exercise therapy is not suitable for everyone. It is only suitable for patients with high normal value, stage I and II hypertension, and some patients with stable stage III hypertension. Unstable blood pressure fluctuations at least big Ⅲ period patients with high blood pressure, there are serious complications, such as severe arrhythmia, tachycardia, cerebral vasospasm, heart failure, unstable angina, renal failure) in the patients with severe hypertension, increased blood pressure and excessive, such as higher than 220/110 MMHG, for sport, give priority to in order to rest.

Third, before exercise should consult a doctor, under the guidance of the doctor to choose the appropriate sports, do not blindly follow others. You know, there are individual differences, and what's right for you is the best.

Last but not least, exercise therapy doesn't work overnight. It takes persistence and lifelong companionship.

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