Facial Yoga Helps You Eliminate Wrinkles

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It is said that the first person who invented Face Yoga was a Japanese. He had a car accident while on vacation, and his face was asymmetrical due to heavy blows and wounds. Later, after a long period of self-exploration, he developed Face Yoga, which can help tighten facial muscles, weaken wrinkles, relax facial skin pressure, and make your skin look younger. Of course, the premise must be that you have to persist.

Stretches for neck lines and jaw muscles

  • Look straight ahead, lift your chin, and tilt your head back.
  • Gently slide from the chin to the collarbone, from top to bottom, without too much force.
  • When the fingers reach past the collarbone, stop for a short while.
  • Lift your chin up, or stretch it out. This one also helps stretch the jaw and neck. This action can be repeated 2-3 times.


Stretches for jawline

  • How to say this part is to teach you to be a girl with a fake smile, just to laugh hard.
  • While smirking, press the tip of your tongue against your mouth, or the back of your teeth.
  • Turn the whole head to the left or right, as long as the neck and head move, the shoulders do not move. This stretches the muscles and lines of the jaw.
  • Consciously stretch toward the diagonal of one shoulder. When one side is done, turn to the other.
  • Remember to maintain the biggest smirk the whole time. Repeat 4 times on each side.


Stretches for nasolabial folds and expression lines

  • Make an "O" shape with your mouth first, and then smile on both sides. But be careful not to show your teeth.
  • This set of actions is repeated 8 times! This action helps to stretch the nasolabial folds and expression lines.
  • With a breath in the mouth, the left and right cheeks bulge back and forth. Don't leak air! Repeat 8 times!
  • Then deflate instantly! There will be a feeling of relaxation.

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