Features of Ambulatory BP Monitors

BP doctor watch

There are many series of our BP doctor watch, with different apperance and price.

Simultaneous ECG measurement: Each time the blood pressure is measured, the ECG waveform is recorded for up to 20 seconds, forming a blood pressure/ECG dual monitoring.

Pulse wave: The holographic review of blood pressure monitoring pulse wave can be used as a reference for doctors to evaluate the flexibility of the patient's blood vessels.

Infrared transmission: The monitor information playback adopts infrared transmission technology to avoid accidental failures in wired data transmission, resulting in 24-hour data loss.

Pressure measurement range: 10-300mmHg, accuracy ±2 mmHg, pressure measurement interval can be set arbitrarily.

Analysis software: simple and convenient operation, good user interface. Various analysis charts, (text chart, trend chart, histogram, rise and fall chart, correlation chart, day and night extreme value chart, statistical chart, electrocardiogram).

Measurement principle: using the oscillating oscilloscope method, rapid charging and discharging, no noise, and strong anti-interference ability.

Measurement parameters: measurable systolic blood pressure, diastolic blood pressure, mean blood pressure, heart rate and ECG.

Prompt sound: During the daytime, there is a buzzer sound before and after the measurement, reminding the subject to keep cooperation and ensuring the accuracy of the measurement result. During night time, the instrument is in a silent state to reduce interference to patients.

Memory storage: Before clearing the original record, removing the battery will not affect the existing data in the recorder, and it has the function of self-holding after power off.

Consumables saving: good power saving, 2 AA-size rechargeable (or alkaline) batteries, can measure blood pressure 150 times.

Sleeve Prevention: Fan-shaped design, suitable for Asian arms, pure cotton high-woven cloth cover, comfortable for the wearer, and the cloth cover can be washed separately or sterilized with high temperature medicine