Five Common Senses that Men MUST Know in Shaping

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Fitness is another career for men. I believe that many men like to go to outdoor fitness exercises on weekends.

Do you usually make your own fitness plan? Do men know which fitness equipment is better? What should men pay attention to in fitness? Male friends who don't know what to do yet, let's take a look together!

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1. Exercise time is best fixed

Men's fitness exercises should be arranged at the same time as much as possible, so that you can develop good exercise habits and help the internal organs of the body to form conditioned reflexes.

Do not exercise one hour after meals and one hour before going to bed, otherwise it will affect digestion and sleep.

The best time for physical strength is generally between 15:00-20:00, which can be considered as the main exercise time.

2. The load should be determined according to your own physical strength

Generally speaking, the effective number of times for a well-developed muscle mass is 8-12 times, at least not less than 8 times, and this number should be done with all your strength. Therefore, the load should be controlled at 70%-80% of the individual's maximum strength, that is, the most effective number of times to use this load is to do it with a large load, not more than 5 times.

The most effective number of times for male fitness to develop endurance and reduce fat is to do 20 times with a small load, and the fat in the waist and abdomen will be reduced or even stopped.

3. Exercise time should be appropriate

It is advisable for male fitness beginners and those with a heavy workload to do it three times a week, 1-1.5 hours each time, but each exercise should include all parts of the muscles. Those who insist on exercising every day can divide the muscle group into two parts and practice on the next day to ensure effective muscle recovery.

For example: practice shoulders, abdomen, and chest today, and practice back, arms, and legs tomorrow.

4. Master the correct breathing method

The correct breathing method can help you focus your mind, make your movements coordinated and rhythmic, and lift more weight during exercise. For general movements and small weight trials, inhale when exerting force and muscle contraction, and exhale when relaxing and restoring.

When men lift heavy weights or the last few attempts, they should exhale deeply first, then do the lifting and releasing movements while holding their breath, and then take a deep breath. Breathe through your mouth when exercising, do stretching exercises before exercising to prevent muscle and ligament strain, and do relaxation exercises after exercising to help eliminate muscle tension and recover from fatigue.


5. Choose the right underwear

It is better for men to wear sports shorts with good air permeability, or tights with a material similar to swimming trunks, which are close-fitting and breathable. The purpose is to minimize the friction between the thighs, crotch and genitals. In addition, underwear specially designed for athletes to wear while exercising is also good. The feature is that the genitals are supported by a three-dimensional cut triangular cup, and there is an elastic on the left and right to support the buttocks, which can make your buttocks more masculine.

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