Five time-saving and effective scientific movement

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People do not take mobile phones all day, do not look at the computer, is forced. So much of our work is actually done on these three C's. The good news is that medical research is beginning to find that there are some very time-efficient exercises for busy workers.

5 exercises for maximum health benefits in the shortest time

Generally speaking, improve health as the main goal of the movement, with the following characteristics: a movement of many groups of muscles, can be done at any time, close to the daily life to use the action function, and high intensity. Here are some exercises you can do to get the most health benefits in the shortest time.

Walking: You'll get the most health benefits by taking 7,500 steps a day.

Don't doubt that walking is still the most suitable for busy people's sports, not only can be carried out anytime and anywhere, and the burden is not big, suitable for men and women, young and old, if you can match good air with good scenery. After sitting in the office for a long time, getting up to go to the tea room or talk to a colleague is often the only option for office workers.

According to a 2019 study published in JAMA Internal Medicine, the more steps older women take, the lower their mortality rates follow. The even better news is that the risk of death actually decreases when the total number of steps per day exceeds 7,500, representing the maximum health benefits from taking 7,500 steps per day.

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What's more,you can wear a BP smart watch which can record your steps,distance and calories while exercise.

Squating:Do a single squat that works most muscles.

Squats are an exercise that can provide great health benefits in a short period of time and meet all four of the above criteria. Squats are a kind of whole body exercise, doing a squat can almost work the muscles of the whole body. Maintaining muscle mass, especially in the elderly, is linked to longevity. In addition, exercises like squats that work many muscle groups at once, such as lunges and push-ups, have similar effects.

Core exercise: prevent falls, reduce bed rest and sports injuries

The core includes most of the muscles in the abdomen, back and pelvis. It is the most important muscle group for maintaining body posture and protecting the spine. A strong core helps prevent falls and is important for reducing bed rest and even death in the elderly. Common core exercises include sit-ups, bar poses, straight backs, and variations on these exercises.

Do it right, and the effect will be greater than you expect! Because core muscles tend to hide deep in the body, they are often neglected. In particular, a strong core is essential if you want to reduce the risk of injury during exercise.

Do some high-intensity interval exercise: reduce fat, reduce blood sugar and stabilize your mood

If you do a Google search for "the most time-efficient exercise," high-intensity interval training (HIIT) is sure to account for more than half of the results. High-intensity interval training, such as jump rope, burpee jump, battle rope, etc., uses explosive movements to get your heart rate up to at least 80 percent of your maximum heart rate, followed by rest to bring your heart rate down to 65 percent of your maximum heart rate, and repeat this about four to six times.

There are also many studies related to HIIT. Compared with continuous aerobic exercise, HIIT can achieve similar exercise effects in a shorter period of time, such as improving intermittent claudication, reducing fat, lowering blood glucose, stabilizing mental illness, and improving cardiac function in people with coronary heart disease.

Play tennis or badminton: A nearly 50% reduction in mortality

In recent years, two consecutive studies have found that sports that require racquets are the most beneficial to longevity, with tennis being the most obvious. One was a 14-year study in the United Kingdom that found that adults in their 50s who regularly played racket sports (tennis, badminton, and so on) had a 47% reduction in mortality. The other, a 25-year Danish study, found that tennis extended life expectancy by an average of 9.7 years.

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