Four Poses Of In-Bed Yoga For When Feeling Extra Lazy

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Let's face it: While you want to get plenty of exercise every day, sometimes it sounds better to be in bed. On those days, or when you need something gentle to motivate you to get out of bed, you can use the magic power of gentle yoga.

There are four yoga poses you can practice on or near the bed.

The position of a shoemaker on his back.

Dixon calls this pose "an amazing triple Crown," which is why it became the first yoga pose in her bed. 'The cobbler pose allows you to relax, feel grounded and reduce the sense of progress in everyday activities such as looking at a computer screen or a small phone,' she says. "Finally, you can also get extra benefits from working your butt out as it tends to tighten over time and with a sedentary lifestyle."To complete the pose, Dixon said:"Lie on your back with arms outstretched to your sides (as in a T). Bend your knees as far as you can and keep your legs together. Tilt your knees in the opposite direction. Try keeping the soles of your feet together. Slide your foot into your groin, making your heels and balls as comfortable as possible. It's basically a diamond. With the help of gravity, the inner thighs and knees relax. It only takes three or five minutes and you'll feel the difference."

The attitude of wind.

Dixon says that when she first started yoga, it was the "single best pose" to help relieve lower back pain. 'This is because it helps stretch the hip flexors, which tighten up as a result of sitting for a long time, and helps increase the flexibility of the hips, which also tighten up as a result of sitting for a long time,' she says. "Plus, because you're compressing the abdomen in this position, you get some additional benefits of massaging the intestines. There's a reason she says it's called the "windward position"!To complete the pose, Dixon said:"Lie on your back with your right knee close to your chest. Straighten left leg; You can bend your left leg if necessary. Wrap your hands around the bent right knee, just below the knee, on the tibia, and gently pull the thigh toward the chest. Try to get your shoulders back on the bed and away from your ears. Hold for three to five minutes, then do the other side. Bring your knees closer to your chest, which is a great stretch for your lower back."

Half sleeping pigeon pose.

'It's one of the best butt openers you'll find in yoga,' Mr. Dixon said. "That's why you find this posture in physical therapy, as well as stretching during major sports and other physical activities." When you practice the half Pigeon pose in bed, it helps to focus and stretch the muscles in your hips and back of your thighs. "Practicing this pose for three to five minutes on each side will help increase the flexibility of your hips and create space for your lower back." Especially if you can bring the other knee closer to your chest, you may find that the pose also AIDS digestion, Says Dixon.To complete the pose, Dixon said:"When lying on your back, bend your knees and place your feet flat on the bed. Cross your right foot over your left thigh. Keep your right foot bent. If you get nervous, stay there. If you're still looking for feeling, try moving your bent left leg closer to your chest and bringing your right arm through the triangle formed by your left thigh and bent right leg. The right hand embraces the left calf. Your left hand will grab your right hand along the outside of your left leg. Take a deep breath. After three or five minutes, switch to the other side and do the same."

Turn around.

Do this supine twist before bed or after you complete the first three positions listed above; If you do it too much, you won't want to do it, but the benefits are huge and the release is amazing. "When you bring your knees close to your abdomen, this twist helps move objects, which may aid digestion," Dixon said. Another benefit of this pose is that it helps stretch the lower back muscles and outer thigh muscles. Your upper back and neck will also get a good stretch if you look in the opposite direction to your knees. "Start with three to five minutes and spend more time on the stiff side (if you feel the need).To complete the pose, Dixon said:"Lie on your back and press your knees against your chest. Lean your knees heavily to one side. Try folding your knees and hips. Open your arms wide and make a T shape. Try to keep your shoulders on the bed. Look the other way around your knees. Hold for a few minutes, then use your hands to push your knees back into your chest. You might need to give them a little hug. Repeat on the other side."

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