Get Rid Of 14 Habits Effective Thin Belly

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Do you feel that belly fat is harder to get rid of than the rest of the body, even with regular exercise and diet? In fact, according to Dr Luke James of HealthGroup UK, the lower abdomen is "one of the most difficult areas to lose fat" because of its accumulation of cells that are hard to shed.Experts offer the following NG habits and coping strategies to avoid in order to "reduce abdominal fat". Take notes!

Building a perfectly healthy body by eating a balanced diet, exercising properly, managing stress, and maintaining quality sleep will naturally lead to fat and weight loss, but there are some bad habits that keep you from losing weight. It's easy to adjust the following habits.


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1. Not getting enough sleep

The endless use of mobile phones before going to bed, drinking coffee in the middle of the night, etc., all cause you can't sleep or stay up late. If you don't get 7-9 hours of sleep every day, you will not only feel tired the next day, but also affect the weight gain and loss. 'A lack of sleep can throw off your body's hormonal balance and affect hunger the next day,' says Dr Luke. 'There are two hormones that affect your appetite, ghrelin and leptin. Without getting enough sleep, ghrelin goes up and leptin goes down.' To avoid this imbalance, establish an early bedtime routine.

2. Exercise is not the right remedy for the problem

"Even if you're doing abdominal exercises like sit-ups, you're not going to be able to lose weight on your belly," Dr. Luke said, giving an example. Fat clings to the belly because it's where the body stores energy. For that abdominal area,

Ricketts recommends HIIT (high intensity interval training), which combines exercises like squats and running to effectively burn fat throughout the body and increase heart rate. In addition, squats, overpresses and pull-ups are also effective in improving blood circulation.

3. Eating too much sugar

If you eat too much sugar, like sports drinks, hand cups, soda, chocolate, cake, etc., it's hard to lose weight. 'Always check food labels, even low-fat foods can be loaded with sugar,' Dr Luke advises. Choosing to eat vegetables is a good way to reduce your carbohydrate intake and can help get rid of belly fat.

But from a nutritional point of view, fat loss is caused by the lack of energy state, so you can still eat the food you like, the important thing is to moderate and balance, the goal is to reduce the body fat step by step, let the fat in the lack of energy state all the time.

4. Not eating enough protein

Protein helps remove fat effectively, maintains muscle mass and increases calorie burn, while making you feel full and reducing the need for sweets.

Foods that contain protein: chicken breast, salmon, tuna, eggs, Greek yogurt, milk, tofu, chickpeas, but some foods are high in saturated fat, so try to choose low-fat sources of protein.

5. Too much pressure, often anxious

"High stress takes a toll on your body," causing the release of a type of hormone called stress hormone that makes you crave foods that give you energy and satisfaction.

If stress hormones continue to be produced, they can lead to an increase in the amount of fat stored in your stomach, Renha says. "If you're less stressed, you might not want to eat those high-calorie foods." When you're stressed, observe your eating habits and ask yourself "Are you really hungry?" when you're craving something sweet.

6. You want to lose weight fast

Have been losing weight for a while, but the weight has not changed, so feel frustrated or want to give up, but weight loss is not overnight, stick to at least 8 weeks believe that there will be changes, "it takes time to get results, not everyone will have the same results at the beginning." Even if you do the same exercise as others, the results will not be exactly the same.

7. You don't have a clear diet plan

Everyone has a different diet, but no matter which diet you follow, you need to do "progress management". There are many apps on the market that can help you plan your diet. You can track your food intake, track the calories you burn during exercise, etc. Keeping track of your weight loss goals will help you stay on track.

8. Going on a diet and not eating

'Dieting and not eating may cause you to lose weight at first, but you won't be able to maintain it,' Dr. Luke said. When you reduce the intake of calories too much, it will make the body in a state of hunger, slow down the metabolism, but more difficult to slim down, short-term solutions usually do not bring long-term results, it is recommended to choose a set of comfortable diet, will be more effective than dieting.

9. Excessive exercise without rest

To keep your body healthy, exercise and rest need to be balanced. If you exercise constantly without rest, it can affect the production of the steroid cortisol and lead to an increase in stubborn fat in your stomach. It is recommended to schedule a day of rest when making a fitness plan. If you do not give your body time to recover, you will increase the risk of injury.

10. Ineffective fitness

There are so many ways to lose weight these days that it's hard to be sure which one really works. Dr. Luke suggests opting for 'HIIT cardio,' which is a great way to burn body fat and raise your heart rate, or elastic bands or weight training, which boosts your metabolism and increases muscle mass.

11. You don't have the motivation to lose weight

It's not easy to stay motivated, especially if you work hard and don't see results and you want to give up. When you don't have the motivation to keep going, it is recommended to invite your friends to exercise together and start a diet plan together, so that you can support each other more strongly towards your goals.

12. Drinking too much alcohol

It is said that drinking a glass of red wine is good for your health, but it is well known that drinking too much alcohol can actually affect your health and figure, because when you drink alcohol, the liver will burn alcohol, not fat, which will lead to fat accumulation in the body over a long period of time. Alcohol also increases appetite and calories, so be careful not to drink too often or too much, then all the hard work will be wasted.

13. Hormonal imbalance

Decreased estrogen in women and decreased testosterone in men can lead to abdominal fat accumulation. Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), a hormonal disorder, also raises the risk of insulin resistance and increases the number of fat cells. In addition, the consumption of refined starches, sugars and alcohol also triggers insulin balance, which increases the amount of fat stored in the body and can lead to the risk of fatty liver disease, leading to more fat accumulation around the abdomen.

14. Don't concentrate on eating

Eating breakfast while swiping your phone, eating lunch at your desk, eating dinner with the TV on, etc. This habit prevents you from focusing on your meal and can lead to signals of fullness taking up to 20 minutes to reach your brain, leading to weight gain as a result of eating too much.

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