Girls Want To Have A Good Temperament To Exercise Body In This Way

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The back is a very easy area to overlook because it's not obvious. Because of this, many people are reluctant to practice their backs, especially women. In fact, this is a completely wrong idea. The back is a very important part. Although it is not obvious, regular exercise can help us improve our body and make us have temperament. How should we practice our backs? Here are three steps you can take to get a beautiful, stylish back.

1. Strength training

To build up our backs, we need proper strength training. There are two kinds of strength training, one is with strength training, the other is fixed equipment training, here I recommend you to do fixed equipment training, because the trajectory of the movement is the same, can better help our muscles get full exercise. A lot of women are not good at strength training, so I recommend that you start by using the big, easy machines.

Here I recommend you to do gantry back training, Smith squats, rope pull-down, sitting row, etc., three groups at a time, a group of ten.

2. Stretching training

To do back training, we need to do strength training, we need to do stretching training, we can do stretching training after strength training. When we stretch, the muscles are compressed, which makes them firmer. It also optimizes a beautiful shape, and when done regularly, it tightens our muscles. Women must be worried about putting on a lot of muscle, but with stretching, you don't have to worry, we can build muscle, and make it really beautiful.

Here are four things that I recommend to you. Pay attention to these four important points and you can get a great stretch.

(1) Perform each movement for 20 seconds;
(2) During the process, keep abdominal breathing;
(3) Each movement should be carried out in place;
(4) More than 20 minutes at a time

3. Aerobic training

In addition to strength training and stretching, we also need to do proper aerobic training. In fact, stretching is a type of aerobic exercise, and if you can stretch properly, you are already helping your body complete aerobic training. But I'm going to take cardio out in particular here, because we need a lot of rich cardio.

Aerobic exercise can help us get rid of body fat. It can also help us beautify our muscles. If we do it regularly, we will have a very good body. Visible benefits of aerobic exercise, really is very much, want to practice, want to have a dignified form of the students, must be more aerobic exercise. You can choose your favorite aerobic exercise, I like jogging most, I do 20 minutes every day, in addition to some jumping jacks, sit-ups, yoga and so on.

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