Gym Workouts Should Be Step-By-Step

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Step 1: Warm up (10 ~ 15 minutes) :

Many new players enter the gym, eager to start strenuous exercise immediately, neglect an important link - warm up. Warming up can not only reduce sports injuries, but also improve movement, joint flexibility and mobilize internal organs, Wang said.

Warm up should be warm, slightly sweaty and free of fatigue. It should focus on low-impact activities, such as knee stretching and jogging for a few minutes, preferably outside. After jogging, walk for a while, and increase the swing range of the arm appropriately; Once you feel your temperature rise, do some more stretching. In addition, warm-up exercises can be targeted, such as jumping jacks, lunges, and leg stretches to engage breathing and leg muscles before spinning.

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Step 2: Train (about an hour).

Many people go to the gym and run on the treadmill for an hour, making it difficult to follow up with strength training because the energy has been used up. The correct order is: anaerobic before aerobic, such as first dumbbell bending, squat and other anaerobic exercise to improve metabolic function, then do aerobic exercise, exercise effect is better, but pay attention to the two combined time should not exceed 1 hour.

When carrying out equipment training, you should first practice big equipment and then practice small equipment. If it is the other way around, there may be no momentum; Follow the principle of gradual progress, starting with light pounds, such as 1 pound, 3 pounds and moving up to 5 pounds or more; Start with 2 sets and gradually increase to 12 to 15 sets. In addition, when exercising strength, beginners should first choose stationary equipment, such as bench press with the Smith machine, feel the muscle contractions and learn the power, and then practice free weight training, such as lifting the barbell off the ground.

Step 3: Organize or relax (5-10 minutes).

Five to 10 minutes of light conditioning after your workout will help your muscles recover faster and prevent muscle cramps, injuries and soreness. Such as brisk walking or running 300 meters, stretching, etc. In addition, relaxation activities are also targeted, that is, where the most used muscles are relaxed during exercise. For example, the leg and shoulder muscles are used in the spinning training. After training, you can do leg pressing, shoulder rotation and other actions.

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