Have Fun and Get Fit

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If you're a camping kid, summer is likely to make you miss lanyard whistles, winning flags, playing football, and even smelly cabins. Good news: More and more adult summer camps are popping up, and they're super fun. What's more, they make working out and extra steps a breeze. Regardless of your fitness level, here are some things to check. There's still time in August to delve into some courses, or use them as inspiration for a DIY "stay at home" camp with your best friends.

looking for zen
Inspiration: Camp Grounded (campgrounded.org). Camps offer four-day courses in North Carolina, Texas, New York, and California with healthy (and delicious!) camp meals, live music, talent shows, archery and land sports like kickball, Frisbee, capture the flag, and more. On top of that, smartphones and computers are banned, so you have to actually disconnect. Put your name on your underwear and sleep with your new best friend.

DIY Steal: Create a four-day weekend and invite a group of friends you like to stay in a hotel with you (or kick your family out and do it at home). Choose a different active activity each day, such as hiking, walking in the vineyards (while wine tasting, of course), afternoon meditation and yoga, or an all-night slumber party). The only rules are: don't talk about work and give up those smartphones.

To keep your significant other active
Inspiration: Camp Taconic (taconichotel.com), an adults-only summer camp at the Kimpton Taconic Hotel in Manchester, Vermont, offers "couples" specials. After waking up on your horn, you'll hike, canoe, and traverse the mountains and the Patonkill River. You'll end the day with snacks and scotch by the campfire.

DIY Steal: Plan an overnight camp with your significant other, record the many steps along the way, and reward yourself with a campfire dinner and cocktail at the end of the day. This is the perfect substitute for a moon candle.

Step up the pace (and balance summer indulgences)
Inspiration: ZAP Fitness running camp in lenoir, NC (zapfitness.com). This summer running camp offers four-day and one-week options. Led by real athletes, it's suitable for runners of all levels - from interval walkers to regular 5K runners looking to build strength to run a full marathon. Balance it with running yoga and lectures on how to develop a proper training and nutrition plan. They'll even take a video of you running (no doubt modest) so you can adjust your form. Each day ends by the campfire.

DIY Steal: Find a local trainer or running coach, schedule some time one-on-one or with friends, and plan to spend a few days getting everything ready, from quality running shoes, proper form, to a training plan. Track your heart rate during training to help determine your pace. After the minicamp, you and your running buddies will be ready for the race.