How can a BP Smart Watch monitor your heart rate while running

Smart Health Watch

Keeping healthy is our capital, we are more and more health of this kind of thing, physical exercise has gradually become a part of people's life. Running is the most common form of exercise. However, many people only know about running, but do not know anything about heart rate management when running. Heart rate is an important indicator to reflect people's physical health, in the process of exercise to understand the real-time heart rate state, and choose a suitable heart rate interval exercise, can better grasp the intensity of exercise, improve the effect of exercise.

At present, a variety of popular heart rate meters or smart watches with heart rate monitoring function are equipped with heart rate measurement function, and heart rate chest strap and arm band are also common heart rate measurement tools. Some relatively high-end smartwatches on the market, such as Apple Watch, HUAWEI Watch, Samsung Galaxy Watch, Fitbit, Garmin, BP and so on, can accurately monitor the change of heart rate. These smartwatches are not just simple heart rate monitoring, but more focused on health monitoring and monitoring. In addition to heart rate monitoring, there are HRV, ECG, pulse rate, sleep apnea monitoring, blood oxygen monitoring, blood glucose monitoring and other functions. Smartwatches have moved away from simple monitoring of steps, calories and so on. Now smartwatches have shifted to monitoring human health first.

Heart rate meters and smart watches generally adopt photoelectric measurement. When light of a certain wavelength continuously shines on the skin, the blood flow through the wrist will be different with the beating of the heart, which leads to changes in the absorption and reflection intensity of light by the blood along with the beating of the heart. When the heart contracts and blood is pumped out, more blood flows through the wrist, absorbing more light and reflecting less. When the heart dilates, the blood flow to the wrist decreases, and the absorption and reflection of light in the blood changes accordingly. A light-sensitive sensor in the watch picks up changes in the intensity of light reflection and generates different electrical signals, which determine how often the heart is beating.

Compared with blood, which is red, green light can achieve a larger absorption rate, which increases the variation range of light reflection intensity, thus making it more sensitive to the detection of blood flow and more accurate in judging heart rate. But its shortcomings are also more obvious, the principle of the photoelectric watch on the state of the skin is more demanding, when the watch and skin contact place has sweat or contact is not close, easy to lead to the error of the measurement results. Photoelectric measurement method is suitable for measuring resting heart rate and exercise with stable heart rate, such as running at a constant speed.

Heart rate meter and smart watch can monitor heart rate when people are running, and such monitoring can better prevent the occurrence of sudden heart disease. We should have paid more attention.