How Do People With High Blood Pressure Spend 24 Hours

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If you are unfortunately suffering from high blood pressure, don't worry. As long as you can scientifically arrange 24 hours a day and pay attention to health care, mild symptoms can be cured without treatment. Even with severe hypertension, healthy living can improve the effect of drug treatment.  

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◆Wake up slowly:

When you wake up in the morning, don’t rush to get up, first lie on your back on the bed, move your limbs, head and neck, so that the muscles of the limbs and vascular smooth muscles can restore proper tension, so as to adapt to the change of body position when getting up, and avoid dizziness. Then sit up slowly, move your upper limbs a few times, and then get out of bed, so that your blood pressure will not fluctuate greatly.  

◆Wash with warm water:

Overheated or too cold water will stimulate the skin's receptors, causing the surrounding blood vessels to relax and contract, thereby affecting blood pressure. It is most suitable to wash your face and rinse your mouth with warm water at 30-35 degrees Celsius.  

◆A glass of water:

Drinking a cup of plain water after gargling can not only flush the gastrointestinal tract, but also dilute the blood, reduce blood viscosity, smooth blood circulation, promote metabolism, and lower blood pressure.

◆Appropriate morning exercise:

People with high blood pressure should not do strenuous exercise. Running and mountain climbing are not advisable. Walking and calisthenics are only suitable, which can enhance the dilation and contraction ability of blood vessels, relieve the tension of small and medium arteries throughout the body, and help lower blood pressure.  

◆Patient defecation:

Do not defecate impatiently and hold your breath hard, as this may induce cerebral hemorrhage. If you have habitual constipation, you should eat more vegetables, fruits and foods rich in fiber, and you can use some laxatives to overcome difficulty in defecation.  

◆Light breakfast:

A glass of milk, two eggs or two slices of bread are all fine. Don't be too full, and don't eat too much.    

◆Nap at noon:

Lunch should be richer, with meat and vegetables, but it should not be greasy, and it should not be too full. Take a short nap (half an hour - 1 hour) for a little activity after meals. When sleeping unconditionally, you can sit on the sofa with your eyes closed or sit quietly, which is conducive to lowering blood pressure.  

◆Dinner should be less:

It is advisable to eat good digestible food for dinner. In addition to the staple food, some soup should be served. Don't be afraid of polyuria at night and dare not drink water or eat porridge. Insufficient water intake can make blood sticky at night and promote thrombus formation.  

◆Entertainment in moderation:

Do not watch TV for more than 1-2 hours before going to bed, sit in a suitable and comfortable position, and do not get too tired; play chess and poker to limit time, especially control emotions, and do not get too excited. Inferior entertainment will raise blood pressure instead. Remember not to lose your temper at will, and maintain a good mood.   

◆Safe bathing:

Take a bath at least once a week, but pay special attention to safety, especially in large baths, prevent falls, do not overheat the water, and do not soak for too long.       

◆Footwash before going to bed:

Go to bed on time, wash your feet with warm water before going to bed, then massage your feet and lower limbs to promote blood circulation. Sit quietly with your eyes closed before going to sleep, so that you can recall the activities of the whole day and find out the shortcomings that are not good for your health, so that you can overcome them in the next day. Fall asleep naturally, with little or no sleeping pills.

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