How Long Will A BP Smart Watch Battery Last?

How to charge smart watch

If you have to charge your smartwatch every night when you go to bed, you won't have enough smartwatch. If your smartwatch's battery life is only a day, or even a few days, you're missing out on tracking your body's physiological indicators while charging. This means you have a less accurate picture of your overall health and fitness status, not to mention losing the smart notifications you've been relying on because it's not on your wrist, it's on the charger.

smart watches with replaceable battery

Fortunately,BP Smartwatch has a good battery life -- and we're talking a long time.BP smartwatch should have at least about a week of battery life before needing to be recharged, and up to 40 days. It all depends on the features that are important to you and the watch that best fits your lifestyle. If battery life is important to you (and we bet it is), below we've listed each of our smartwatch models and their corresponding battery life capabilities.

Note: It is important to note that this chart only describes the smartwatch mode. These numbers may look different if your watch has other features like Bluetooth and power saving.

 BP Smart Watch Maximum Endurance Days
BP Pro 12 40
BP Med 6 30
BP Med 7 30