How To Do Hip Muscle Exercise Effectively

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We often find simple solutions to complex problems. Hip muscle exercise is difficult, but as long as the method is correct, adhere to the exercise, will certainly receive good results. Here are five standard butt exercises you can do at home to achieve the perfect butt shape without the help of gym equipment.

First move: Side squat

Side squats mainly stretch the muscles in the thighs, but as we keep the squat moving from side to side, the thighs stretch and relax the muscles in the buttocks. Because of the strength in the upper part of the body, this movement will stretch our buttocks more. Keep moving side to side for 30 seconds.

Second move: Knee position after leg lift

The leg lift after the kneeling position works the muscles of the back,hips and legs at the same time.During the movement,keep the back straight and do not arch the back. The legs raised should be as wide open as possible and the legs should be as straight as possible to allow the buttocks to receive more gravity. This exercise is good for the gluteus maximus, and it is also good for shaping the buttocks. Exercise on each leg for 30 seconds.

Third move: squat jump

The squat jump involves stretching and contracting the buttock muscles in the process of squatting and jumping. In the action we should pay attention to, squat to squat in place, thigh part as far as possible parallel to the ground, hands with squat movement to the chest, and then use the buttocks to make the body jump up, the body is in an upright state, hands also with the upward jump, separate to the sides of the body. It can be slower, but it must be standardized. It lasts for 30 seconds.

Fourth move: sumo squat

This is a popular move for toning leg muscles and butt lifting exercises. Simple, but great for burning fat. In the process of squatting, we should make the buttocks fully exert force, feel the gluteus maximus stretch, and let the buttock muscles pull the leg movement. The action lasts 30 seconds.

Fifth move: Frog kick

The frog kick is a great stretch for the front of your thighs, and it also works your lower back, as well as your hips between your lower back and your legs. Lie on your stomach on a yoga mat and push your legs up with your knees bent as far off the floor as you can. Again, for 30 seconds.

The above five actions are an effective way to exercise the buttock muscles at home. During each exercise, we should pay attention to the actions in place and the duration should be sufficient, so that the muscles can fully accept the test of strength. The most afraid of fitness is to give up halfway, or three days fishing two days sun net. With perseverance and perseverance, a perfect body belongs to you.

Strength training in the later stages of the hip workout

Generally, strength training should be combined with aerobic exercise. If freehand exercises are convenient, strength exercises are faster and more effective. Share with you a few strength training methods, we can choose to add strength training at the end of the workout, so that the muscle line is more perfect and smooth.

1, with the help of barbell to do squat hard pull
2. Use the barbell to do butt pushes
3. Abductive training of the buttocks with fixed instruments

Strength exercises will help shape the hips, but they also increase the risk factor. We should pay attention to the strength training according to our ability. Each of the above three movements shall be 10 times in a group and complete three groups each time. Give your muscles plenty of relaxation when you're done.

Hip exercise also need to pay attention to the problem

Watch your diet. We are in the hip movement exercise at the same time, to control the diet, do not eat salty, greasy, fatty food, eat light food.

Step by step. Both fat reduction and shape shaping can not be completed in a day or two, follow the law of nature, can not blindly pursue speed. Warm up and relax. Warm up before exercise and stretch after exercise are essential to build a solid foundation for long-term exercise.

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